How To Make Easter Treats for Kids

Easter is the time for savoring edible rabbits, chicks and beans of the jelly variety found in the basket left by the Easter Bunny. There are numerous Easter treats you can create in your own kitchen to delight the little ones at your house on Easter Sunday. Here's how to make Easter treats.

  • Create Coconut Jelly Bean Bird's Nests by mixing shredded coconut with sweetened condensed milk and shaping into a nest. Bake in a moderate oven just until set and barely brown, then top with three jelly beans each to represent the eggs sitting atop the nest.
  • Every child loves sugar cookies and even more so when you cut out your favorite sugar cookie recipe, sweetened with a little orange juice, in the shape of a rabbit. Sprinkle the top with orange, turquoise or pink sugars.
  • Rice krispie cereal treats are a traditional time-tested favorite. While the mixture is still hot and pliable, shape them into rabbits and chicks using cookie cutters and add eyes with silver draggers.
  • Rabbits love carrots and at Easter time, kids love carrot cake. Mix up a batch of carrot cake cupcakes and top each with a smooth, rich and creamy cream cheese icing and a tiny carrot made from almond marzipan.
  • Bake some cupcakes, frost them with pastel colored icing and decorate them with foil-covered chocolate Easter eggs, jelly beans or green-tinted shredded coconut.
  • Hard boil a batch of eggs, then dip them in assorted color washes and refrigerate until ready to add to your baskets.
  • Another colorful Easter treat that is kid-friendly is to fill plastic disposable tapered icing bags with an orange snack such as Cheats corn chips, then tie the top with green yarn and some green tissue paper to look like a giant carrot.
  • Mix up a batch of Easter trail mix by blending almonds, chocolate chips or M&M's, banana chips, toasted coconut and jelly beans.
  • Create a small pin hole in either end of a raw egg and blow out the inside and rinse with water. After it's dry, fill the egg with melted chocolate and refrigerate. You can wrap the egg in a festive aluminum foil and let your child peel away the shell to discover the chocolate hiding inside, or remove the shell first and then wrap your egg in foil for a glittering edible Easter treat.


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