How To Make Holiday Cards

Are you feeling crafty?  This holiday you can keep the money you'd normally spend on pre-made cards and make your own holiday cards at home!  You'll need a few tools and materials but you can find most items around the house to use without having to go to the store.  You just may find yourself never buying another pre-made holiday card again!

First, find some paper and pens, crayons, colored pencils or markers.  Borrow from your kids or younger sibling if you must! Brown paper bags from the grocery make great card stock or accents.  Wrapping paper, decorative paper napkins and place mats can be used for card borders or details.  Check your junk mail pile for catalogs with pretty pictures you can cut out.  And of course, any old holiday cards gathering dust in a drawer could be recycled by using cuttings of the card fronts.  You'll want your homemade holiday cards to be colorful and interesting so keep that in mind while you're searching.  If all you've got is a brown paper bag and a black pen, don't fret -- you'll just have to work those creative muscles a bit harder.

Second, you'll need a pair of scissors and some glue.  Any glue will do and any type of scissors will suffice, just don't go running through the house with them.

Third, find anything glue-able... pipe cleaners, buttons, fabric, cotton balls, yarn, conversation hearts, uncooked macaroni, feathers, etc.  Get creative!  Look for things that will adhere best with the type of glue you have.  All-purpose Elmer's glue is great for almost everything you'll be using.  Try to avoid gluing anything too heavy with a light-weight glue or regular glue stick intended for gluing paper and not much else.

Finally! Get comfy and turn on those creative juices.  What's your holiday?  Valentine's Day?  Cut out some hearts, color them different colors, glue them onto your card stock, glue yarn "strings" from them and voila!  Heart balloons!  Inside you could write "Loving you makes my heart soar"... aw shucks.  For the Winter holidays you can cut out stars and snowflakes to glue on card stock.  Be sure the paper you use for the decorations is contrasting in color and/or texture from your card stock so the design really pops.   Got glitter?  Sprinkle some inside your card for a fun surprise!

It IS easy to make your own holiday cards and it is simply more special and truly from the heart!


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