How To Make Homemade Halloween Costumes

Imagine walking into a costume shop, finding the perfect Halloween costume, and seeing the price tag at fifty dollars or more.  Or: there's only one costume left, and if you don't buy it quickly it may be gone.  Or: you see three other people wearing your costume at the same event.  Do any of these sound like something you've experienced?  There's a solution.  Here's how to make homemade Halloween costumes that are easy, fun to do, and can help save you money.  All you need is a little creativity and some basic supplies to complete your original costume.

First, decide what your Halloween costume should be.  Is there a favorite character in a movie or comic book character you'd like to be for a day? How about a famous, or not-so-famous, celebrity?  Is there a phrase or idea you'd like to capture in life?  Maybe you'd just like to put a new spin on an old idea and make it your own.  Books, magazines, movies, websites and real life can all be excellent sources for new ideas.

Once you can picture what your handmade costume will look like, decide what supplies you will need.  You may want to sketch or capture an image of how you want the finished costume to look.  Now all you need to do is gather the materials for your handmade costume and plan how the materials will all fit together to create your handcrafted costume.

Perhaps you've decided to be a bag full of jellybeans.  What will you use to make the bag?  What will you use for the jellybeans?  Don't forget about things like how you will wear the costume.  Maybe you've decided to use lots of colored balloons for the jellybeans and a large, clear trash bag to hold all those jellybeans together.  You will also need scissors to cut holes in the large trash bag for your legs and arms.  

What will you use to close the top of the bag?  Clear tape may be the answer.  Or you may decide to be more elaborate in making your homemade Halloween costume.  You may decide to use ribbon to close the top and will cut small holes near the top of the bag to cinch the bag closed.  Do you want to make a label for your bag of jellybeans?  A large sheet of paper, some glue, odds and ends, and creativity is all you need for the label. 

These principles can be applied to any handmade Halloween costume - just be sure to begin your planning early, so you'll have plenty of time to gather supplies!  By making your homemade Halloween costume, you can save money and have lots of fun.


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