How To Make Unique Christmas Gift Baskets

If you make unique Christmas gift baskets, your thoughtfulness and creativity will be remembered year-long. Gift baskets can be tailored to suit each recipient's style or hobbies. You can make them as cost-efficient or as elaborate as you like.

  1. First, you need a supply of baskets. You could start with baskets that are alike, or choose a different one for each friend and family member. You can find very inexpensive baskets at thrift stores and yard sales if you start looking early. You can also find them at arts and crafts stores or department stores (usually in the crafts department).
  2. While you are at the store, buy several different colors of ribbon. You can use the traditional colors red and green. You can also use blue, silver, gold or any other colors that you like. Get some filler for your baskets, and clear rolls of cellophane (which also come in colors). For the contents of the gift baskets, use your imagination. Here are some ideas to get you started:
    • For the gourmand on your list, include: imported chocolates, dried fruit, flavored coffee and nuts.
    • For the chef on your list, include: dried pasta, imported olive oil, and a great cookbook like "The Joy of Cooking."  Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, and Giada De Laurentiis all have excellent cookbooks for the new or experienced chef. Other great ideas for a chef include salt and pepper shakers or bamboo utensils.
    • You could create a sleeptime gift basket for anyone by choosing age and gender appropriate items. Include matching pajamas and slippers, a sleep-mask, a relaxation CD, candles and satin pillowcases.
    • For puzzle lovers, you can pack a basket with puzzle books, pencils, a pencil sharpener, a jumbo sized eraser and a crossword puzzle dictionary.
    • You can also create gift baskets by theme. You probably know someone who would love a basket filled with merchandise with the likeness of Winnie the Pooh, Spongebob Squarepants, Disney Princesses or G.I Joe. Little girls will love a Mattel Barbie themed gift basket. Include a doll, several outfits and an accessory or two.
  3. Once you have gathered the contents of each gift basket, lay out your materials in a large workspace (the kitchen table or the floor will do). Neatly arrange the items in each basket, wrap with cellophane, and top it with ribbons and bows.


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