How To Learn Christmas Party Games

Christmas is a great time with family and friends - not just to open presents and eat great food, but also to enjoy each other’s company.  One of the best ways to bond with one another is through games, so why not play some great Christmas party games?

Present pickup is one of many great games for both young and young at heart.  It can be played inside or outside.

  • To prepare for the game, you will need to have some small boxes to wrap with ribbons and bows and some small gift bags.  This is a great way to use the paper from last year. There should be as many presents as players. 
  • You will also need at least four or more candy canes. Two large boxes can be used to drop the presents in.  Two ropes or some type of markers will be needed.
  • Decide where you will play the game.  Take one rope and make a starting line.  The other rope will mark the finish line.  Take the large boxes and place them at the finish line.
  • Evenly distribute the presents into two groups or piles. It is best to have an equal number of boxes and bags on each side to make it fair.  Of course, some presents will be easier to pick up; keep this in mind when distributing the presents.
  • The first player on each team will take two candy canes.  When it is time to start, they will pick up the presents only using the candy canes.  The tricky part is that they must do so behind their backs.
  • Each player must run her present to the box or finish line and drop it in.  If it is dropped on the way, the player starts over.
  • After they drop their presents, the players will run the candy canes to the next players. This continues until all presents have been picked up.  The first team to finish wins.

For a variation, try adding blindfolds for each team.  Picking up presents with candy canes in the players' mouths is another alternative, just make sure the presents are small enough. Kitchen mittens can be used on each hand to make it more difficult.  To play kids against adults, you may want to put easier presents in a group for the kids and more difficult ones for the adults.  There are many variations to the game, so have some fun and come up with your own.


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