How To Play Easter Games

Easter is a wonderful day to celebrate and enjoy family. You can entertain your children for hours, and make the day special, if you play Easter games.

  • It's always fun to have an Easter egg hunt. Try doing it with a twist. Instead of hiding eggs or candy, hide handmade coupons redeemable for things like a dinner date with mom or a movie night with dad.
  • Get the kids exercising and moving with a variation of Simon Says. Replace Simon with the Easter Bunny. Have the Easter Bunny give them plenty of activity like jumping, skipping and hopping like a rabbit. Give the winner an Easter themed surprise like a stuffed toy bunny.
  • Make up a short story about Easter and recite it to the children. Once you've finished, have the kids write the answers to questions about the story. Let the winner tell his or her own Easter story and continue the process until all have taken a turn.
  • Instead of handing out Easter baskets filled with goodies, set up an arts and crafts table with empty baskets, glue, paint, pom-poms and googly eyes. Include any other supplies that you might need like colored pipe cleaners, cotton balls and pastel construction paper. Help each child create a customized Easter basket that will make them proud.
  • Play a variation of Hot Potato where the participants pass around a stuffed rabbit. At the end of the game, let the winner keep the toy as a prize.
  • Have the children take turns acting like various animals such as rabbits, frogs and chicks while the other children try to guess the animal.
  • Play a game where the children throw an Easter themed stuffed animal into an Easter basket. Keep moving the basket farther away and award a prize to the child who accurately throws it the farthest. For variations on this game, you can slowly move the basket as the children are throwing, you can use colored bean bags instead of stuffed animals, or you can start with a larger basket and progressively move to smaller baskets until a winner is declared.
  • Ask Easter-related trivia questions and reward each correct answer with a small token or piece of candy. Make sure that every child gets a chance. To make sure that no child ends up with fewer prizes, you can also reward them for sitting still, speaking quietly or assisting you when asked.


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