How To Play Great Holiday Music

During the holiday season, my family and I love to play great holiday music.  To get the most enjoyment, we choose both classic and contemporary songs.  It's wonderful to drink hot chocolate by a roaring fireplace and listen to music.

Get the family together and decide what type of music everyone wants to hear.  Once you've gathered together your music collection, queue the tunes.  It's fun to have music playing while wrapping presents and trimming the tree.   I also like it while unwrapping presents and putting the holiday decorations away once the season is over!

I've included some information about different types of holiday music to get you started.  Choose anything that makes you happy and puts you in a holiday mood.

For a blend of 80s rock and holiday music, try Twisted Sister's "Twisted Christmas."  It includes classics like "Deck the Halls," and "White Christmas" in Twisted Sister's unique heavy metal style.

If you like the Beatles, you will love the holiday CDs by Beatles tribute band The Fab Four.  They have blended the music and harmonies of the Beatles with the lyrics of holiday songs including: "Joy to the World" in the style of  "Please, Please Me," and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" to the tune of "Help."  The band is amazingly talented. You will not want to put these CDs away when the holiday season ends.

Speaking of the Beatles, Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas Time," and John Lennon's "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" are good non-traditional songs.

Many modern artists have put out holiday albums.  Mariah Carey,  Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, and Destiny's Child are just a few.  Another popular singer who recorded holiday music was Elvis.  If you like Elvis, you definitely want to give it a listen.

If you want to play great holiday music that appeals to your sense of nostalgia, try the original soundtrack recording of "A Charlie Brown Christmas," or "Christmas with the Brady Bunch."  Did you know Captain Kangaroo had a holiday album, too?

If you want more traditional music, there are many Bing Crosby CDs available.  With his smooth rich voice, he sings "White Christmas" the way it was meant to be heard.  Perry Como, Andy Williams, and Dean Martin also recorded holiday music.

Dust off your holiday CDs, records, cassettes, or even 8-track tapes if you have them.  Also, check your local radio stations as many of them play great holiday music around the clock during the holiday season.


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