How To Pull April Fools' Day Pranks

April Fools' Day can be one of the most fun days of the year, if you are the one pulling pranks on your friends and family. The best ideas for the most effective jokes are the simplest. You don't have to pull a prank worthy of the April Fools' Day Hall of Fame to get the job done. Here are a few ideas to help you pull April Fools' Day pranks that will keep you laughing long into the summer.

The best ideas are the classics. Go ahead and loosen the lid on the salt shaker, or put plastic wrap over the toilet seat. These are fast and simple ways to get your roommate or spouse first thing in the morning. Now that you have warmed up, it's time to move onto your next target.

To pull the next April Fools' Day prank, you'll need a new victim, such as another family member or co-worker. Give this person an apple. She'll thank you for the healthy treat. Don't tell her that you have hidden gummy worms inside of the apple! Or maybe offer her a chocolate sandwich cookie. When she bites into the treat she's sure to make a face, once she realizes you've replaced the delicious filling with cheese spread!

There are many other classic pranks you can pull on unsuspecting strangers. Glue a few coins on the sidewalk and watch as people try to pull them up as they walk by. Or put a dollar bill on a string. Watch for someone, and when they attempt to grab it, yank on the string a little to pull it away.

If you have kids you want pull April Fools' Day pranks on, then here is a great suggestion to get them - hopefully before they get you. First, put an alarm clock somewhere in your children's room, and set it for a half an hour before they would normally get up. This may not seem like a very long amount of time, but to youngsters, an extra half an hour of sleep can be crucial to their attitudes in the morning. Hide the clock, and watch as they scramble to find it first thing in the morning. Try not to laugh too hard, or they'll know it was you!

Have fun this April Fools' Day, but keep these two things in mind. First,don't pull pranks that are hurtful, or that can cause any physical harm. Second, be prepared for retaliation by your victims next year!


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