How To Pull April Fools' Day Pranks on a Teacher

April Fools' Day can be a very fun day, if you plan your pranks appropriately. Some people prank their friends or family members only. But you can also pull April Fools' Day pranks on a teacher, which will lead to great fun for the entire class.

  1. First, choose your target appropriately. To pull April Fools' Day pranks on a teacher, you must have a teacher with a great sense of humor. Don't target the teacher who gives detention for looking at him or her funny. Choose a teacher that would be likely to prank you back for fun.
  2. Next, think about your teacher's style or habits. For example, if he or she always uses a whiteboard during class, replace the markers with a set you've allowed to dry out. To pull April Fools' Day pranks on a teacher who uses an overhead projector, you could do the same marker trick, or remove the light bulb from the projector. You could also advance the roll on the overhead a bit, write something silly like "Class Dismissed!" on it, and reroll it to the beginning. Your message will then show up in the middle of class.
  3. Subject-related pranks are also fun to pull, especially in the form of questions. The possibilities are nearly endless with questions. In the middle of math class, raise your hand and ask a history-related question, or ask the teacher to restate the problem in Roman numerals. Bring an old-style floppy disk to computer class and say that's all you had to do your homework on. Ask your English teacher why Romeo and Juliet didn't just text each other about their plan to elope.
  4. There are also general April Fools' Day pranks to pull on a teacher, regardless of his or her habits. A Whoopee cushion in the chair is an old prank that's still funny. If you and your classmates arrive before the teacher, turn his or her desk around, or turn all the student's desks around. Cover all the windows with paper and claim that this helps the class to concentrate. If any paper falls during class, scream and hide under your desk.

Everyone can have a blast with April Fools' Day pranks to pull on a teacher. Just be certain that you choose a teacher who'll enjoy being pranked, and also that none of the pranks are harmful or inappropriate in nature. Don't be surprised if your teacher gets you back - be prepared for that!


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