How To Put Up Christmas Decorations

For many, Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. This holiday means finding the perfect Christmas tree, pulling out all of the decorations, performing annual family traditions, eating some favorite foods, baking Christmas cookies, looking at Christmas lights around the neighborhood, attending holiday parties, buying and giving gifts, and making memories that will last a lifetime. Decorating for Christmas is just a part of the special traditions done by families year after year, and each family chooses to decorate differently. Different traditions and types of decorations bring a unique quality to each house, making Christmas decorating one-of-a-kind.

When putting up Christmas decorations, you'll have to dig the boxes out of the attic or storage space. It's quite helpful if you were organized since last year, clearly labeling boxes and their belongings. It might take a while to find everything, but once you get all the boxes and Christmas items out of storage, you've made it past the largest hurdle of decorating. Open the boxes, watch out for spiders or other creepy crawlies, and take a mental inventory of what decorations you have. After a year, you can easily forget every Christmas decoration you own!

If you've been celebrating Christmas for years, you probably have traditional places for putting certain decorations. Perhaps you have a garland that always goes on the stair railing or a pair of candles that always sit on the top of your piano. Whatever your customs, you can begin with the pieces that have settled homes. However, you might want to change things from year to year and give decorations new homes. That's entirely up to the decorator!

Putting up Christmas decorations requires very few supplies. While decorating, you'll probably want to keep handy some scotch tape, masking tape, push pins, safety pins, and perhaps some wall putty. This will allow you to safely put decorations just about anywhere in your house. Think creatively too! You might want to hang some large balls from the tops of your eight-foot living room windows, or maybe you have a string of bells which would look just perfect atop the fireplace mantle. Paper snowflakes and snowmen can be taped to windows, and there is always the jingly wreath for the front door.

The last thought on decorating for Christmas is get the whole family involved. Don't wait until the kids are in bed or try to keep them out of everything. This is a time for creating precious family memories, and it's something your children will never forget. Perhaps the little ones shouldn't be handling the glass balls and fragile family heirlooms, but you can always find things to give every member of the family so they can be a part of this wonderfully exciting holiday tradition.


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