How To Send Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are an important part of this annual holiday and something that most people expect to receive in the mail. If you have any friends or family, assume that you'll find their card in your mailbox sometime during the holiday season, for Christmas is the time to send your thoughts and love to everyone you know. And because you'll be receiving Christmas cards, you'll also need to send some of your own.

  1. Begin by creating a list of everyone you need to send cards to. This list should include everyone in your family (whether you talked to them all year or not!), close friends, some not-so-close friends, fellow work employees, your bosses, teachers, students, and church acquaintances. Does it seem like this list is going to be long? It is. You're going to want to get over the shock of the long list before you start, because that's just the way sending Christmas cards work. Not everyone's list is going to be the same, so create it with the people whom you know need to get a card and know you're still thinking of them after a whole year.
  2. Once you've got a list, go to the store and buy as many cards as you need plus some extras. At Christmastime, you can find bulk boxes of cards with anywhere from ten to thirty cards and envelopes in them. Choose card sets that have pictures you like and that will be appropriate for people you are giving cards to. Just be wise and try to find variety if possible.
  3. Along with the Christmas card, you can always add a family update explaining the basics of what your last year has entailed. This is great for relatives or friends you've not been able to catch up with for a quite a while. People also love to receive family photos. Your card can be a photo card, easily printed from local or online photo kiosks, or you can just include the latest family shot in with the card.
  4. Now, you need to sign every card. Don't feel bogged down, telling yourself you have to write a personal message in every Christmas card. Yes, that's nice, but you can save your words for those closest to you. For the average acquaintance on your list, their name, a brief hello, and your signature will suffice. Make this a family activity as well. Get your spouse and kids in the mix to sign their names, help stuff and lick envelopes, or write addresses.
  5. Finally, stamp those envelopes and put them in the mail. And keep some extra cards and stamps on hand in case you receive cards from anyone who wasn't on the original list!


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