How To Sing Christmas Carols

Singing Christmas carols is a tradition that many still participate in. The joy of Christmas is spread when you and your family entertain your neighbors right at their front door. It's easy to sing Christmas carols, just follow these steps and you'll be on your way out the door and singing all the way to your neighbor's. Here's how to get started:

  • Decide a Date and Time to Sing Christmas Carols. Traditionally, Christmas carolers would go out in the evening on Christmas Eve. You and your family can choose to go anytime during the Christmas holiday and may want to go out a bit earlier if you have small children.
  • Pick Your Christmas Carols. There is a wide variety of Christmas songs. Most Christmas carolers stick with traditional Christmas tunes and hymns, like "Away in a Manger" and "Silent Night." However, some like to mix in more modern renditions of Christmas favorites, like "Rocking around the Christmas Tree" and funny versions of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Choose songs you and your family are most comfortable singing based on your musical taste and religious affiliations. Keep in mind that the key to being enjoyable Christmas carolers is showing up at your neighbor's door with songs that deliver the true meaning of Christmas and touch their heart.
  • Stay Warm While Singing Christmas Carols. Before you and your family sing Christmas carols, be sure to dress for the winter weather. Wear mittens or gloves, scarves, thermals, hats and moisturizer for protection from dry skin or chapped lips. The climate may  not allow you to withstand singing your carols, but with the right attire you can get in a good number of songs.
  • Bring Your Neighbor Songs and Gifts. When you show up at your neighbor's door they are sure to be delighted when they discover you and your family bringing them the gift of Christmas cheer. Keep in mind that it is cold and your neighbor is likely not dressed for the winter outdoors as you are and keep your caroling brief at each home. Entertain them by singing a maximum of three songs and if possible, shorten them by singing the first verse and chorus alone. At the end of your visit, treat your neighbor with a candy cane or tin of homemade cookies as a gift of thanks for their time and wishes for a happy holiday.

Remember to smile as you sing your Christmas carols and you're sure to spread great cheer!


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