How To Sing Christmas Songs

The holiday season would not be the same without the sounds of Christmas music ringing through the air. It is heard at grocery stores, in the mall, on the radio and most important, in our hearts. Give your family memories for life by making singing Christmas songs a yearly tradition. Here are some easy suggestions that will make your efforts seem effortless.

  • Incorporate singing in to your decorating. While you are decking the halls, let your voice float out in tandem with your actions and encourage family members to sing along. Whether you string popcorn, make and hang paper chains, or decorate a tree, add the sound of music to your busy hands. The added melodies will bring a new ambiance to your work.
  • Play it again. If you are self conscious about your voice, or have trouble remembering the words, let the professionals keep you company by playing a CD of your favorite Christmas songs. Play the music while wrapping gifts, baking or preparing meals during the holiday season. Play it in the car on trips to school or when running errands.
  • Repeat your favorites. Memories and repetition go hand in hand, so pick out a few favorite tunes and let them be more of a focal point. It is what makes the magic of hearing a certain song that pulls on your memory strings and helps trigger the scents, feelings and images of the past. An example would be playing the song "Oh Christmas Tree" when you begin to decorate the tree.
  • Give it away. Learn a few favorites as a family and when you drop off your various gifts to the special people in your lives, serenade them with one simple song. Nothing is more heartening than to open up the door and be treated to a musical selection presented by a smiling, happy group.
  • Sing songs from your own childhood. You can bring these back as family favorites. Did you learn "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" on the piano as a child? Did you sing a song in a play? Did your parents have a favorite holiday song? Think back to your own childhood memories and bring them back to life by sharing them with your own family each year.

By incorporating the singing of Christmas songs in to your every day routines, you can give your family a special tradition that will be handed down from generation to generation.


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