How To Sing Funny Christmas Songs

Going Christmas caroling is a fun activity to do with a group of people. Some carolers sing in nursing homes and some knock on doors to sing. Most people are used to hearing the usual carols such as Jingle Bells, The First Noel, Joy to the World and Silent Night. Be prepared for the next time you open your door around Christmas. You could be listening to hilarious lyrics to the beat of the original tune that will have you bursting out in laughter.

For many years there have been remakes to classic songs. There are even remakes of Christmas songs that have comical lyrics.  Songs such as, I Saw Elvis Dressed as Santa Claus, I'll Be Cloned For Christmas, Twelve Days of Fast Food and Rusty Chevrolet are just a few examples of the many remakes that have been done. You can find these songs at It is easy to think of funny lyrics for different songs, so you too can write hilarious lyrics that will be known all over the country.

The song, Twelve Days of Fast Food is sung to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas. The first verse starts out saying, "The first day, the fast food restaurant gave to me: a nice juicy hamburger with ketchup." During the next few verses the song continues to add different types of food to the juicy hamburger with ketchup. Throughout the song the lyrics add Happy Meals, Egg McMuffins, onion rings, chocolate shakes, pints of coleslaw, Biggie fries, nine Polish hot dogs, baked potatoes, pounds of blubber, various bags of chili and ends with doses of Pepto-Bismol (which you will discover you need after eating all that fast food). This is just an example of one way you could sing this song. You could also add your own lyrics by calling the song Twelve Days of Babysitting. You could start out the song by adding one warm bottle, two dirty diapers, three spit up rags, etc. The song could end with twelve hours of napping, which you would definitely need after babysitting for that long!

Whether you decide to go caroling or just want to sing with friends while sitting around the fireplace, you are sure to have your audience laughing and having fun joining along in no time!  Be sure to print out a few copies of the song lyrics so they can sing along with you!


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