How To Start Christmas Traditions

Starting Christmas traditions is a fun and meaningful thing to do for your family. Many traditions are handed down from generations past, but you can also create new traditions for your family.

Many people look to their religious background when thinking of Christmas traditions. Going to a Christmas Eve mass, or attending a play about "The Night Before Christmas" are just a couple of ways you can include religion. But you can also go beyond religion when thinking about what traditions will suit your family.

The easiest way to start is to think of things that are important to your family. For many, food is an important part of Christmas. You can start a tradition where the family comes together to make and decorate Christmas cookies while enjoying some hot chocolate and eggnog. Your family can have a special meal every year, something grand and scrumptious that's only reserved for Christmas. A special treat might be for the entire family to gather around to watch Christmas themed movies, and these go beyond your standard Rudolph and Frosty animated films. How about "A Christmas Vacation," or "A Christmas Story"? There's a Christmas-themed movie geared toward every age. Let everyone in the family select a favorite snack to enjoy, dim the lights and snuggle up in your PJs for movie night.

Going Christmas caroling or out for a drive to "ooh and aah" over all the neighborhood Christmas lights and decorations are two fun outings. And don't forget about buying the family Christmas tree! This can be a tradition the entire family looks forward to every year. After the tree is bought, why not take the whole family out for some hot cocoa and pie? When you get home, put on some festive Christmas music and give everyone ornaments to help decorate the tree. You can even get everyone involved in stringing popcorn or cranberry garland for the tree.

Making Christmas crafts is another fun thing to do. Your local crafts store will have oodles of craft ideas. Making or buying an Advent calendar is a favorite treat for children. Reading special Christmas books as bedtime stories is another fun tradition for kids.

Really, there's no shortage of ideas when it comes to starting Christmas traditions for your family. It really just takes your imagination and thoughtfulness about what your family enjoys doing. The key is to have fun and enjoy being together.


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