How To Find Unusual Halloween Costumes for Kids

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Kids and adults alike all love Halloween, the only time in the year when it is so much fun to be scared.  The word “Halloween” comes from a shortened “All Hallows’ Eve.” It eventually got shortened to “Hallows’ Eve” that also means “All Soul’s Day.” Halloween is the only celebration where being scared is fun and everyone helps to make the celebration scary.

Halloween evening is a night that gets anticipated all year long. Kids and adults don Halloween costumes to go “trick or treating;” the more outspoken child always prefer that his costume be different from last year’s or at least, very different from his siblings’ Halloween costumes. To give you some help, here are some ideas for creating unique Halloween costumes for kids.

  1. If you think your kid will be fine with draping your white sheet over him for the 3rd consecutive year, you may be deluding yourself. Kids love to play dress-up but if you haven’t got anything else handy for a costume except your white bed sheet, you can at least do something different with it this year.   Make him look like a hugging pillow by knotting the 4 edges and stuffing it with old newspapers. Or you could make him look like a giant marshmallow--give him a crispy burnt edge for a bit of a twist.
  2. Another favorite costume is the witch’s hat and cape. Rather than have it in plain black, paint the hat and cape gold or silver and make it look like Hershey’s Kisses. Just add a sash that says “kisses 4 free” and it creates an unanticipated twist on the scary witch theme.
  3. There are other unique Halloween costumes that kids may want to try. Some of the great ideas out there include: being a big tooth, a post-it-note, a carrot or a battery. All of these require minimum materials and do not need a lot of time to put together.  Adding extra little details like a cavity in the tooth or corrosion on the battery can make costumes like these unique.
  4. There are some unique costumes for two that kids may delight in wearing. A pair of shoes, salt and pepper shakers or ketchup and mustard containers all make fun costumes for kids.

Whichever costume you choose, make sure that it is the right size for your child. Nothing looks worse than a kid lugging around a hat that could have fit someone whose head was twice as much in size. Prepare a well-thought out costume for “trick or treating” and your kid will remember it for years to come.


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