How To Use a Holiday Gift Guide

Once the holiday rush to shop comes around, it's very hard to keep track of what to buy for your family and friends. While it may be easy to come up with a comprehensive list of people whom you may want to give gifts to, having to think of the perfect gift for each person you have in mind might be a gargantuan task so you might be better off by checking out holiday gift guides.

Many Web sites offer these free suggestion pages. While you don't have to follow them to the letter, knowing the most popular products at the moment can definitely give you a good grasp of what you should be using to stuff your friends' stockings for the holidays.

The Technology Web site CNET has a very interesting take on the holiday gift guide. Aside of having the usual lists, the Web site also features the products based on the prices of the products. You're bound to find something hot at any price. And with the tough economic times, playing it smart in the money game can definitely help save you a lot of money for other things that you may wish to buy for other people.

Here are the unexpectedly cool things that you can give if your budget is less than one hundred dollars:

  • Cellphones, cellphones and more cellphones. With the market for mobile phones becoming more and more cutthroat, manufacturers have been slashing prices to unthinkable levels. You can now easily find a phone with a colored display for less than $100 and it's very likely that that phone with come with a handful of good features (such as flashlight and some games) as well.
  • The iPod Shuffle. Why of course! The littlest brother from the Apple family will make an appearance here. This gadget is excellent for those who are always on the go! The small size also makes it convenient to clip on your shirt or keep in your pocket.

The widely read publication Newsweek has a very nice section on hot kids' toys. Here are the products that made the short list:

  • The Ripstick Casterboard. This is a cross between a skateboard and machine that just generates its own power. Yes, you got it right! The board actually moves without requiring the person riding it to push off the ground.
  • Robopandas. These cute critters are the latest toys that showcase cutting edge artificial intelligence. Robopandas can do dozens of tricks and will be a hit gift for any kid under the age of 8.

Shopping site Amazon will not be left behind. The site is best known for their selection of books so naturally, their holiday gift guide is also focused on the books that would make for great presents.

  • "The Rise of Barack Obama" by Peter Souza.
  • "The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging" by the Huffington Post editors
  • "METAtropolis" by Jay Lake

These lists get updated as the holidays draw closer so make sure that you go back to check if there are any fast risers in the next few weeks. Remember, gift guides are meant to serve as guides. You might not always be able to give the exact gifts to your friends and loved ones, but if you can find things that you know they will love all the same, then you will've done a great job at giving presents.


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