How To Write an Easter Greeting Card

Colorful easter eggs on the clothesline
Easter greeting cards are a fun way to show your friends and family that you're thinking about them at Easter time. But what do you write in an Easter greeting card so that it isn't cliché, impersonal or downright inappropriate? Here are some suggestions that will surely making your Easter greeting card a hit.

Step 1

Think of something meaningful. A great message to write in an Easter greeting card is one about a personal memory or thought. Think of past Easter memories involving your family or friends. Your tone can be witty or sappy, depending on your mood. A personal recollection of past holidays will warm your relative's heart. Here are a few starters to help you write something meaningful in an Easter greeting card:

  • I am blessed to have you as my (mom, cousin, brother....)
  • This holiday always brings back fond memories of....
  • Wishing all of you a great Easter and I look forward to seeing you (soon, on Monday, at grandma's....)

Step 2

Keep your message spiritual. A very religious loved one will appreciate your Easter greeting more if you stick to the true reason for the holiday. No funny stuff here! Include a cherished Bible verse or write one that pertains to Easter. You could also just write a simple one-liner that hints at your faith and beliefs. Here are a few religious suggestions for Easter greetings:

  • From the Bible, John 11: 25-26
  • Our savior and our friendship are two things I am eternally grateful for this Easter.
  • Your faith inspires me to be a good Christian. Thank you for your prayers and friendship this Easter.

Step 3

Take a comical approach. Although Easter is a Christian holiday, it is still acceptable to include a funny insert on an Easter greeting card, as long as your family member or friend will find it appropriate. Convey your sense of humor and your personality in your Easter greeting by giving your loved one a good laugh this Easter. Consider these messages:

  • Hippity hoppity, Easter's on its way! It's just too bad that you aren't. We'll miss you this Easter.
  • Hopping you have an egg-cellent Easter this year!
  • Santa talked to the Easter bunny. You're not getting any chocolate this year!

Regardless of what you write in your Easter greeting cards, your friends and family will certainly be thrilled to receive them. They will appreciate your efforts to write a thoughtful message inside your Easter greeting card. (And you might just get a few chocolate eggs for the gesture!)


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