Worst Christmas Presents

Christmas is a joyous season of family bonding, joy, hope and sharing of blessings. Christmas also brings about generosity and thoughtfulness. It is a time to give back to those who matter most in your life. During the Christmas season, gift-giving is bound to happen among family members and friends. Make a list of material things to give to your loved ones and shop for these as early as possible in order to avoid the Christmas rush. The prices of commodities tend to rise to as the Christmas season draws near.

You want to give the best Christmas presents and in turn, you also wish for the best presents to receive. But at times, you don’t get these wishes and in turn, you either give or receive the worst Christmas presents. What are possibly the worst Christmas presents that you can give or receive?

  • A cookbook about meat recipes when you are a vegetarian
  • An itchy knitted sweatshirt that you have to wear because your aunt knitted it
  • A very small bag that can only hold a lipstick and a comb
  • A lipstick with a shade that was the rage two years ago
  • A shirt that is two sizes smaller than your size
  • Undergarments from someone who is not really close to you
  • Porcelain vases and figurines when you don’t have a place for these things
  • Plastic or silk flowers
  • Picture frames, or make that your sixth picture frame this season
  • A mug with a design or words that you don’t particularly want to read everyday
  • Coffeemaker for a non-coffee drinker
  • An audio CD of a band or a singer that you don’t listen to
  • Hairclips for people with short hair
  • A lighter and/or cigarette case for a non-smoker
  • A headband with a wiggly character on top
  • A flashlight with a busted bulb
  • A toilet brush
  • Diet pills
  • A free session with a personal trainer or free trial at a gym

Can you still imagine, as a child, you are very giddy with anticipation in opening your gift only to find out that it was not what you expected?

The following are some tips to avoid giving gifts that are unappreciated by those on the receiving end.

  1. Think personally. There is no need to give extravagant gifts. Small tokens that are useful like pens, key chains and cell phone accessories. Baked goodies are also great gifts.
  2. Be practical. Give items that can be used not just during the season but after the season.
  3. Be mindful of the details. Gifts, however small or inexpensive, when wrapped in wonderful packages with a note
  4. Set your sights beyond Christmas. You know that life goes on after Christmas so it would be better to start a year without anyone bearing a grudge at you because you gave a gift that was not totally appreciated.

Gift-giving should not be as stressful as it seems to be. Proper planning and insight will be able to help you go through the gift-giving season and beyond.


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