How To Wrap Christmas or Holiday Presents Creatively

Christmas trees are never the same without some prettily wrapped gifts underneath it. Somehow the sight of brightly colored wrapping papers and ribbons always succeed in making one truly feel the spirit of the holiday season. So how do you ensure that your gift is placed under your friends' Christmas tree? Here were offer you some creative and inexpensive ideas to wrap your gifts up.

  1. Use old glossy magazines as gift wrapper. This works particularly well if you using a recycled or plain box to hold your gift item. If you are pressed for time, you can just take out a whole page or several if it's a big gift, and wrap your present in it. If you have a lot time on your hands, make a collage out of magazine cut-outs and use this as a wrapper. Customize the collage you are making by using images that will interest the recipient of your gift.
  2. Make use of old tin cans. Cookie and candy tin cans are great for holding gifts that are fragile. Stuff it with strips of old newspapers or magazines, or filling from on old pillow, and secure your gift inside. Add a brightly-colored ribbon and your gift is ready to go.
  3. Go environment-friendly and use plain brown recycled paper. You can but this type of paper very cheaply. Pretty up your gift with a brightly colored ribbon for a dramatic contrast. This is bound to get your gift noticed.
  4. If you're any good at drawing or designing, you use glitter markers to have a fun time making designs or drawing on the brown paper. Choose designs that will suit the personality of the recipient. Make sure to do these drawings or designs when the gift is all wrapped up. Keep in mind that this is just a finishing touch to your gift.
  5. Do you have any old fabrics that you have no intention of using? Get them out and use as a wrapper. The easiest way to do this is to cut a square, place the gift item on the center of the square, gather the edges and secure the gift with paper twine or a ribbon. If you don't have any old fabrics, you can head to the nearest fabric store and buy some yards of inexpensive fabric. At this time of the year, you're bound to find fabrics on sale.
  6. Make use of old shoeboxes and cereal boxes. Gift boxes can be very expensive, even the plain ones, and their purposes is just to hold the gifts. A month or two before Christmas, collect cereal boxes. These will hold your gifts. Wrap them anyway you want. Make use of the wrapping ideas presented above.

Wrapping gifts need not be expensive. Armed with your imagination, creativity, and resourcefulness, you can make prettily-wrapped gifts without making a huge dent on your Christmas shopping budget. And remember, when giving gifts, it's not the wrapping or the gift that matters. It's the thought that counts.


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