How To Write a Short Easter Poem

Easter is fast approaching, and you still haven't found that perfect card for your significant other or child. Sure, you could just grab a colorful card at random and let a stranger write that Easter poem for you. The husband or wife will be impressed that you thought to get them a card, and your child will be too distracted by the ridiculous amount of sugar running through their veins to care what kind of poem is in the card. But your loved ones deserve better than that, they deserve something from the heart. They deserve a handwritten Easter poem, and you're just the person to give them one. Here's how to start:

The first step in writing any short poem is figuring out exactly how short you want the poem to be. Here's a friendly piece of advice: if you've never written a poem before, Easter or otherwise, chances are the shorter, the better. You don't want to find yourself trying to figure out what rhymes with "Cadbury Crème Eggs" for the last line of the poem. Besides, when you're writing a poem by hand, what matters is quality, not quantity.

The next step in writing your short Easter poem is possibly the most important: do you want the poem to be a cute, rhyming stanza or a more artsy, prose-based theme? Again, if this is the first time you're writing a poem, you probably want to stick to cute and rhyming. It's easier than you may think to write a short poem that rhymes, and that'll be covered later. If you think you have the chops to handle the artsy, non-rhyming poem writing, then go for it. There are no hard and fast rules, but some basic advice would be, again, to keep it fairly short, and since you do not make use of rhyme, you at least want your poem to have a good rhythm to it.

If you've decided to write a rhyming Easter poem, great. Write down any Easter-related words you can think of and words that rhyme with them. For example: "candy" and "dandy", or "bunny" and "funny." This is a great technique, especially for a short poem written for a child.

Finally, just remember whatever you say and however you say it, what really matters is that you wrote your own short Easter poem. That's what they'll remember, not *what* you wrote, but *that* you wrote it.


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