How To Write Christmas Poems

A good way to share your holiday spirit with others is to write Christmas poems. Even if you aren't a poet, you'll find that with some practice you'll be able to craft words that you and others will enjoy. Here's how to get started:

The first step you should take before you write Christmas poems is to think about what form you would like to use. If you don't want to worry about rhythm or rhyme, consider free verse. This style has no rules, so you can just write down the lines as they come to you. While some might find this liberating, others prefer more structure. Consider the haiku, which has three lines of five, seven, and five syllables, or the rhyming couplet with its AABBCC pattern.

While the form will help you decide how to write Christmas poems, the content is far more important. Decide what you want to express with your poetry. Do you want to convey the religious or spiritual significance? Or do you want one that focuses on the hustle and bustle of Christmas morning as the family comes together and the children open their presents from Santa Claus. Do you want your readers to be moved, or are you hoping to elicit some laughter?

Now comes the writing. If you want to write Christmas poems, you need to write down words, lines, and thoughts as they come to you. Don't worry about being perfect. There is no editing at this stage, only writing. You will be the only person to see this rough draft, so don't spend time second-guessing yourself.

After you are finished, it is time to edit. Some people want to improve their poems right away while others will want to walk away for awhile so they can approach it with a fresh eye. Choose whichever approach feels natural to you. Reading it aloud will help you notice trouble areas. Try not to be vague, but instead use vivid, detailed descriptions. Check to make sure any metaphors are strong and that you don't use clichés. After you have edited, have some people look over it to offer their suggestions. You want someone who can give an honest and helpful critique, and not someone who will simply say it's good. It's up to you if you take their advice.

If you ever get stuck while you write Christmas poems, read your favorite poetry for inspiration. Soon you'll have a collection that you can share with your family.


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