How To Write Short Christmas Poems

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Short Christmas poems are popular since they are so festive and can capture the excitement of snowflakes, Santa, silver bells, reindeer, and caroling perfectly. While there are many short Christmas poems available on the internet and in various books, many people find that they would like to try their hand at writing their own poetry. Writing your own short Christmas poems is the best way to capture the magic that you associate with the holiday season. It can also make you very popular among your circle of acquaintances and family members, since a poet is always in demand.

Short Christmas poems are amusing to create and they can be easily written with the assistance of dictionaries, thesauri, and rhyming dictionaries. This exercise can benefit the vocabulary of both young and old as they strive to find just the right words to use when writing their poems.

One of the easiest ways to start making short Christmas poems is to write a style of poem known as an acrostic Christmas poem. An acrostic poem is written vertically with the first letter of each line consisting of a word or short phrase about Christmas.

Free verse short Christmas poems are fun to write and can be humorous or more serious in nature. While popular themes for short Christmas poems are often snowmen, reindeer, Santa, and snow, religious themes might also be appropriate for those who celebrate Christmas as a primarily religious holiday. These short Christmas poems written by you will make a wonderful personalized greeting card if you simply add them to a picture or develop a basic greeting card on your computer.

Imagine the joy of your friends and family members when they open their mailbox to find a greeting card with short Christmas poems written by you!

Another option for short Christmas poems might be fun Christmas limericks; these are easy to write and can be about a variety of subjects. A limerick could have Santa or the elves or even Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer as a subject.

You might also enjoy the process of writing Christmas hink pinks, which are riddles whose answers are two one-syllable words which rhyme. These types of poems are especially great for children who want to write their own short Christmas poems but need something simpler than the more elaborate free verse short Christmas poems. Writing some short Christmas poems such as hink pinks and limericks to enclose in a Christmas present or card might become a fun new family tradition.


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