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A House and Condo Inspection Checklist
The following is presented with condominiums in mind but may be a useful aid for the interior inspection of any home. Hiring a professional inspector is a good idea and definitely recommended if it's a house. You may have reasons to do it yourself. Perhaps you will want to pre-inspect and then accompany an inspector later, or simply pass on your findings to him.
Checking out a new or used condominium for deficiencies prior to purchasing or acceptance of occupancy is a must. Often the builder or seller will suggest a 'walk through'.  This may be convenient for them, and it may take only 20 minutes, but you could miss some very important deficiencies or flaws.
In any case try to do one inspection or more yourself beforehand. Take plenty of time to check out the home in detail. Later, during the 'walk through',  you can just point out the various deficiencies while looking one last time for something you may have missed. If possible, have a knowledgeable friend tag along. This can help with finding things that need fixing or replacing, which can be very easily overlooked.

Take along a paper pad, pen, and a checklist.
A free Condo Inspection Checklist is available in table format and provides a one page general crosscheck of things to look for.  You can print the web page out for a reference.  Use 2 sheets if you have too many rooms.
It is available at   http://www.axiom.ws/tables/condotbl.html
The checklist table is not meant to replace a paid professional inspection.
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