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  • How To Light a Gas Furnace Standing Pilot

    By following the steps listed below, you can have your gas pilot light re-lit and your heat working again quickly.
  • How To Understand Uses of Rubber Seals

    Rubber seals are used in so many ways, from the automotive industry to the household. Here's how to understand just some of their uses and applications.
  • How To Repair Fiberglass

    Despite the durability of fiberglass in boats, table tops and bathtubs, it can still be damaged with wear and tear. Follow these steps and repair damaged or worn...
  • How To Know Types of Rubber Seals

    Here's how to learn about all the types of rubber seals and their uses.
  • How To Use Different Types of Battery Chargers

    The quality of battery chargers is crucial to the performance of the batteries. Inferior battery chargers can decrease your batteries’ life span and possibly damage...
  • How To Do Double Glazing Repairs

    Double glazing is used for insulation of doors and windows in homes and buildings. Here's how to learn more about double glazing repairs.
  • How To Adjust Hinges on Cabinets

    Whether installing new cabinets or working on older cabinets, it is easy to learn how to adjust the hinges. Learn the process and what tools are needed.
  • How To Install a Surround Sound System in Your Home

    Surround systems form an important part of any home theater. Here's how you can get started on building your own home theater by installing a surround sound system.
  • How To Repair Damaged Vinyl Siding

    Hiring a professional to repair damaged vinyl siding can cost you $300 or more. The supplies in this guide will cost you around $10.
  • How To Use a Sink Auger

    To avoid the cost of a plumber, it's good to be able to perform simple tasks such as unclogging a sink drain. To do this, use a sink auger.
  • How To Tuckpoint Mortar Joints

    Over time, mortar can deteriorate and begin to fall out, resulting in gaps, and weak walls. This is easy to repair; learn to tuckpoint mortar joints.
  • How To Fix Gaps in Wood Flooring

    Wooden floors are beautiful, but they share an inconvenient feature: contraction and expansion. Learn to fix gaps in your wood flooring.
  • How To Make Hardwood Hammer Handles

    For an avid woodworker, few things are more frustrating than breaking a tool. Learn how to make hardwood hammer handles on your own.
  • How To Turn Hammer Handles

    Your favorite wooden-handled hammer is broken - don't run to the garbage can and throw it out; you can turn your own hammer handle!
  • How To Size an Electric Room Heater

    Electric room heaters are a great way to heat a room or an entire home, but it's important to know the correct size of the heater you'll get for each room.
  • How To Remove a Tub Spout

    It's easy to update the look of your bathtub by replacing your old tub spout. Taking the time to change it properly will make this a simple project.
  • How To Repair Corner

    It can be fairly easy to repair a damaged corner, depending on the extent of the damage and which building material you are to repair.
  • How To Select a Power Juicer

    With so many power juicers on the market today, it is important that you know how to select the one that will suit your budget and lifestyle. Here are tips to help you.
  • How To Choose a Household Water Filter

    If your family decides to get a water filter, here are some tips to help you pick the right one.
  • How To Fix Crooked Studs When Drywalling

    Crooked studs can wreak havoc with the appearance of your drywall job. The good news is, you can fix crooked studs - just do it before drywalling.
  • How To Track a Hurricane

    Read about all that is involved in the thrill-seeking hobby of hurricane tracking.
  • How to Install a Bi-Fold Door

    Bi-fold doors are a popular choice for closets and other openings in restricted spaces; here are some guidelines for installing bi-fold doors.
  • How To Use a Floor Polisher

    Floor polishers can be heavy and difficult to handle. Follow these instructions to use a floor polisher effectively.
  • How To Get a Local Weather Forecast

    Thanks to modern technology, the general public can have easy access to their local weather forecast. The ways to get local weather forecasts are listed below.
  • How To Select the Right Caulk for the Job

    There are many types of caulk, and each type is suited for specific applications. It's important to know how to choose the right caulk for the job.
  • How To Stiffen a Bouncy Deck

    Bouncy decks commonly occur when there is too little support. Learn the most common methods used to stiffen a bouncy deck.
  • How To Choose a Router

    When choosing your new router, there are a lot of elements to consider. Learn some of the features you can choose from when purchasing a new router.
  • How To Clean Burner Grates on a Gas Stove

    Here are some suggestions for cleaning burner grates on a gas stove.
  • How To Clean a Four Burner Gas Grill

    Cooked food can build up on your grill and affect the efficiency of the grill. Follow these instructions on how to clean your four burner gas grill.
  • How To Install Router Bits

    The proper installation of your router bits is vital for two reasons: safety, and to prolong the life of your router.
  • How To Legally Protect Your Home

    Your home is your castle, so you have to do everything in your power to protect it legally. This article will talk about how you can protect your home from burglary.
  • How To Remove Table Saw Rust

    The table saw is a great power tool, but is very prone to rust; these simple steps will remove table saw rust spots.
  • How To Bend a Steel Pipe

    Here are the ways to bend a steel pipe.
  • How To Use a Rubber Float with Grout

    Apply tile grout quickly and easily by following these instructions on how to use a rubber tile grout float.
  • How To Cut Ceramic Tile with a Snap Cutter

    Cutting ceramic tile with a snap cutter is a snap when you follow these helpful instructions.
  • How To Read a Tape Measure

    Don't worry, because this article will help you in understanding how to read a traditional tape measure as well as the laser measure tape.
  • How To Complete a Durable Polyurethane Finish

    There are many things to consider when it's time to complete a durable polyurethane finish; find some great tips for adding a finish to your project.
  • How To Replace a Damaged Brick

    Quick and easy instructions on how to replace a brick while keeping the rest of your structure intact.
  • How To Signal for Help in the Wilderness

    Getting lost in the woods is easier than you might think, but you can help searchers find you. Learn how to signal for help in the wilderness.
  • How To Understand Cooking Appliances

    Preparing food using cooking appliances allow us to accomplish more within the same limited time. Here's how to understand different types of appliances.
  • How To Remove a Sink

    By following these removal steps, you can remove the kitchen or bathroom sink, saving yourself a little money. The tools needed are listed.
  • How To Calibrate an Anemometer

    An anemometer is an apparatus that is employed to determine the wind's velocity (direction and speed) and pressure.
  • How To Add an Outlet to an Existing Wall

    You know which wall you want to add the new electrical outlet to, but the spot cannot be arbitrarily chosen, as there are internal structures in the wall that you need...
  • How To Remove a Broken Screw

    It is very frustrating sometimes when you run into a broken or stripped screw. It always seems to happen at the worst times. Luckily there are a few relatively...
  • How To Shut Off a Water Supply

    There will come a time when your home improvement project will require shutting off the water supply to your home. Learn how to locate the shut off valve.
  • How To Make Box Joints

    The box joint is an amazingly simple, effective, and attractive way of creating a joint in carpentry. It's easy to make box joints, and this guide will give you all...
  • How To Find Auctions for Used Equipment

    It's necessary to get used equipment that can still serve its function. You can find several auctions online where you can get used equipment.
  • How To Use a Biscuit Joiner

    Using a biscuit joiner is the best and most secure method of joining two pieces of wood. Learn some techniques and simple tricks of the woodworker's trade to complete...
  • How To Properly Use a Paint Brush

    Using a paintbrush properly will improve your paint job while prolonging the life of the brush.
  • How To Replace a Wood Shingle

    A wood shingle must be applied carefully and meticulously maintained. Follow these tips to replace a wood shingle successfully.