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  • How To Refinish Patio Furniture

    Refinishing your patio furniture is a fun and rewarding experience. You get to keep the ensemble, and at the same time either restore its beauty or give it a...
  • How To Refinish or Paint Brass

    Brass adds an ancient charm to any household. Along with gold and silver, it is a favorite material for making keepsakes and heirlooms. Daily wear and tear, however,...
  • How To Refinish Linoleum Kitchen Cabinets

    Linoleum kitchen cabinets are trickier to handle than cabinet made entirely of wood. They are slippery which makes it a little difficult for paint to adhere on it....
  • How To Refinish Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

    It wouldn’t be surprising if the thought of sanding the hardwood floors of your house make you cringe. Sanding leaves your house dusty and may take away the...
  • How To Reduce Water Waste in the Kitchen

    Everything you do leaves an eco footprint that affects the world. If you want to go green, you can start in your home. The first place you can begin with is the...
  • How To Install Electric Floor Heat

    Electric floor heating systems are energy efficient and tremendously comfortable, and you can install electric floor heat fairly easily.
  • How To Paint your Pressure Treated Lumber

    Pressure treated lumber is different from raw wood, so a few tips on painting can help you to better paint your pressure treated wood.
  • How To Consider a New Home Water Heater

    Do you need a new home water heater? What size and sort of water heater, and what fuel? Find help on making your water heater choices.
  • How To Rebuild a Snowblower Carburetor

    A carburetor is always a very important mechanical device in a lot of internal combustion engines. Though carburetors are popular in motor vehicles, a snowblower has...
  • How To Put a Rubber Liner in a Shower Stall

    If you worry all the time about water pooling in your shower stall or springing leaks, there’s now a foolproof method of preventing those nightmares. Instead of the...
  • How To Compare Prices on Replacement Windows

    Replacement windows vary tremendously in style, materials, and overall quality which makes it hard to compare prices without help.
  • How To Prepare Walls for Drywall Installation

    Drywall, also called plasterboard, gypsum or sheetrock, is a popular material used to finish building interiors. Here are some guidelines for use.
  • How To Make your Own House Alarm

    Having to buy prepared security systems proves to be very costly and sometimes impractical. Here's how to make your very own house alarm.
  • How To Read a Rain Gauge

    Rain gauges are primarily used for the measurement of rainfall level in a specified area within a particular duration. Majority of rain gauges measures precipitation...
  • How To Read a Machinist Ruler

    One may think that you can easily substitute a regular school ruler when doing some machine work since essentially, all you need is the unit of measurement. But,...
  • How To Make Router Jigs

    The router jig is especially useful if you are planning to cut up a lot of wood pieces of the same shape. Here's how to make a router jig.
  • How To Properly Lubricate a Lock

    Are you having a hard time turning a door’s key into its lock? Or maybe you can feel resistance in inserting its key into the lock? If your answer is “yes” to...
  • How To Properly Handle Insulation

    Insulation doesn’t only keep you warm during the winter or cool during the summer; it also cuts your energy usage to about fifty percent. Because of these, it is...
  • How To Paint Galvanized Steel

    Painting on galvanized steel requires certain preparation before the actual application of paint to make it adhere. Compared to regular steel, galvanized steel has...
  • How To Operate a Gas Snow Thrower

    Having snow in places where you do not want them is a hassle. You have to remove the snow by shoveling it off the location. This can be very hard work, especially if...
  • How To Operate a Microwave Oven

    A microwave oven makes our lives more convenient. This is the best item to use in the kitchen when you are in a hurry and you want to cook food. Microwaves are not...
  • How To Price a Drywall Job

    If you are planning to have a drywall job done in your home or office, it is very important to take into consider the cost that it will take you to have the right work...
  • How To Quiet a Noisy Hot Water Heating System

    If you have a hot water baseboard heat, you surely understand the fact that noise is one of its most typical setbacks. There could be several reasons as to why there...
  • How To Upgrade Electrical Service

    Old and outdated electrical service lines can be a fire hazard and undependable, but you can upgrade electrical service easily.
  • How To Regulate Temperature in an Attic

    We are at an age where the environment is very unstable let alone the weather. We could experience either a very freezing cold weather or scorching hot temperature. ...
  • How To Prevent Water Pipes in a Mobile Home from Freezing

    When winter comes, kids often excited but many mobile home owners aren’t thrilled with the idea simply because most of them have trouble preventing their pipes from...
  • How To Prepare Your House for Natural Disasters

    Though you may not wish it, your house can be one among many to affected by a natural disaster. Whether it is an earthquake, storm or flood, a thorough preparation can...
  • How To Prepare to Install an Electric Garage Door

    If you think that only professional can install an electric garage door, you are quite mistaken. These days, no matter who you are, you can take the responsibility of...
  • How To Measure Tubing

    There are different types and sizes of tubing. These are also used in different ways. There are tubing that can be used on bathroom and kitchen sinks, hose for your...
  • How To Make Sand Blasters

    Nothing cleans as quickly or thoroughly as a sand blaster, and you can make your own sand blasters for jobs at home.
  • How To Make Wood Trim & Molding

    Installing ornamental wooden trims around your doors, windows, and ceilings is a quick and easy way of improving the appearance of any room. It can also be used to...
  • How To Measure How Strong a Magnet is

    Need to test a magnet's strength? Using these steps, you can easily determine it. Here's how to measure how strong a magnet is.
  • How To Make Your Own Wireless Camera

    Need surveillance for your home? Get tips for installing a wireless camera to capture the action. Here's how to make your own wireless camera.
  • How To Make Wooden Cutting Tables

    The cutting table is a very useful tool that is often overlooked by a lot of sewers. Most are content with using the floor or their dining table as their work area. A...
  • How To Make Fluorescent Paint

    Want to make a glowing wonderland for your kids? Use these tips to make glowing paint. Here's how to make fluorescent paint.
  • How To Fix Power Hand Tools

    Your power hand tools are indispensable around the home, so keep them operating by learning how to fix hand tool problems.
  • How To Make Faux Brick with Spackle

    Want a brick look but don't have the budget? Get tips for making a brick facade. Here's how to make faux brick with spackle.
  • How To Make your Own Extension Cord

    Need to stretch your electrical outlet? You can follow these steps to make your own extension cord.
  • How To Make a Doorbell

    Make your own custom designed doorbell for your home at little expense in time and materials.
  • How To Make an Electrical Wiring Quick Guide

    Help DIY electricians and students get started in wiring and electricity by putting together your own electrical wiring quick guide.
  • How To Make an Electric Circuit

    Learn about electricity and electric circuits while making a fun project with these steps to make an electric circuit.
  • How To Make a Solar Powered Light

    Do you want to save money on electricity? Find instructions on building solar-powered lighting for outdoors. Here’s how to make a solar powered light.
  • How To Make a Custom Color Caulk

    Caulk is often used to make joints airtight. These products are used for a variety of purposes, ranging from caulking the tiles, sinks, or even joints in between...
  • How To Light Up a House

    Aside from mood, do you know that choosing the right light fixture and knowing where to place them can help you emphasize the theme of your home?
  • How To Light a Natural Gas Furnace

    For natural gas furnace that makes use of a pilot light, it would be easier to re-light it and you can do it yourself. Here’s how.
  • How To Make a Pipe Bender

    Do you need to bend metal tubing? Find instructions for building your own pipe benders to save money. Here’s how to make a pipe bender.
  • How To Make a Homemade Network Cable Tester

    A network cable tester is a device that you can use to help you with your electrical wiring activities. With a simple detection method by way of lighting up bulbs...
  • How To Make a Jacob's Ladder with a Rope

    Create a Jacob's Ladder for fun or practical climbing purposes with these steps to make a rope into a Jacob's Ladder.
  • How To Make a 90-Degree Angle Cut with a Miter Saw

    Sometimes you need to cut a piece of trim that should lay straight flush with a cabinet. Creating that cut at just the right angle could prove to be difficult. It can...
  • How To Lubricate a Sewing Machine

    Keep your sewing machine working smoothly with these tips to lubricate sewing machine parts.