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  • How To Install Vinyl Siding to Gable

    People prefer vinyl siding because it protects the exterior of the roof. Learn how to install vinyl siding to gable on your home.
  • How To Install Video Surveillance Cameras at Your Home or Office

    Know the best way to safeguard your property? Install a surveillance camera. Learn about the installation of video cameras at your home or office.
  • How To Install Vents on a Metal Roof

    Proper maintenance of vents in your roof must be done annually before the winter weather arrives. Learn how to install vents on a metal roof.
  • How To Insulate Ductwork and Pipes

    Ductwork that is not properly insulated can lessen air conditioning effectiveness, lose heat, and will cost you money. Here's how to insulate ductwork.
  • How To Install Window Sensors for a Home Security Alarm System

    Windows are among the most common entry points for burglars. Installing sensors for this part of the house will increase safety for your family.
  • How To Install Weatherproof Surveillance Cameras

    Here's how to install weatherproof surveillance cameras for home or office. The following tips should help you get started.
  • How To Troubleshoot a Ceiling Fan

    Keep your home cool and the breeze flowing with these tips to troubleshoot and repair a faulty ceiling fan.
  • How To Hide an Unsightly Electrical Breaker Box

    Need help hiding electrical breaker boxes. Get the electrical box to blend in with your house. Here's how to hide an unsightly electrical breaker box.
  • How To Insulate a Standard Metal Garage Door

    Know how to make your home more comfortable, lessen your electric bills and help the environment? Learn to add insulation to your metal garage door.
  • How To Use an Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

    An electric chainsaw sharpener can make chainsaw blade sharpening quicker and much more convenient, and it is a simple tool to use.
  • How To Use a Masonry Grinder

    A masonry grinder is an efficient and effective tool, but you can get your work done and keep your masonry grinder in working order if you know how to use it properly.
  • How To Hook Up a Countertop Dishwasher

    A convenient option for the kitchen is to hook up a countertop dishwasher. Here's how to do it.
  • How To Use a Wood Shaper

    Woodworkers can make the most of their projects with a wood shaper. Because these large tools can be dangerous, you need to know all you can before you try it.
  • How To Use a Miter Box

    Using a miter box will let you cut perfect sides of a 90-degree angle using a handsaw. There's a knack to using a miter box, but you can learn this useful skill.
  • How To Force the Trap of a Toilet

    Trying to remove a toilet fixture for repair or replacement? Learn how to force the trap of a toilet to unclog it without the expense of a plumber.
  • How To Hard Wire Smoke Detectors

    It is best to be sure that the smoke detectors in your home will not fail in times of emergency, with or without electricity. Here's how to hard wire smoke detectors.
  • How To Clean Cabinet Hinges

    The dust and grime on cabinet hinges needs to be occasionally removed to avoid build-up. Learn methods to clean a cabinet hinge.
  • How To Test Vermiculite for Asbestos

    Need help testing vermiculite for asbestos? Get tips for finding asbestos in older homes and buildings. Here's how to test vermiculite for asbestos.
  • How To Get Great Water Heating Bang for Your Buck

    Water heating takes up a large proportion of any homes energy usage and utility bills, but you can get more hot water for less money if you take care of your water...
  • How To Track a Private Caller ID

    If you are getting obscene or harassing calls from a blocked caller ID phone, the phone company can't release the person's name. You have to take action against the...
  • How To Strip and Stain Kitchen Cabinets

    Give your kitchen a makeover without paying thousands to replace your cabinets. Refinish them, instead, to give a fresh look to your decor.
  • How To De-Ice Walkways

    Winter walkways need to have the ice removed for safety reasons. Learn options to de-ice your walkways and driveway to prevent slipping and falling.
  • How To Start a Fire in a Cold Chimney

    A cold chimney and fireplace can make it much harder to get a good fire going, but these tips will help you overcome the cold chimney and get that fire roaring.
  • How To Spot a Bad Electrical Cord

    Working with bad electrical cords is not only dangerous, but deadly. Learn how to spot a bad electrical cord so it can be replaced with a new one.
  • How To Siphon a Pool

    Need help siphoning your pool? Use these tips to help maintain a clean pool. Here's how to siphon a pool.
  • How To Shine Granite Counters

    Granite counters are naturally long lasting but look their best when you maintain and shine granite surfaces regularly.
  • How To Shop for an Outdoor Shower

    There are few things that feel as luxurious and downright sexy as a properly selected outdoor shower. Use these tips to shop for your own outdoor shower.
  • How To Store Wood Glue

    To have plenty of glue for your wood projects, buy a large quantity and put it in smaller containers to store in your workshop or crafts area.
  • How To Store Valuables

    To protect your most valuable collectibles, jewelry and guns, put them under lock and key in safes, cabinets and toolboxes. Hide smaller items in unexpected places.
  • How To Store Leftover Latex Paint

    Paint left over after redecorating can be saved for another project if you pour it into a container with a close-fitting lid. The paint can be used for touch-ups.
  • How To Stop a Leaking Roof

    A leaking roof can damage your walls, ceilings and furnishings. If the cause is a loose shingle, you can fix the leak yourself with sealant. Use a sturdy ladder to...
  • How To Stop Drafty Sliding Doors

    Drafty sliding doors can make your air conditioning and heating bills go higher. Weather-stripping is an important solution. DIY kits can be found at home stores.
  • How To Fix a Sliding Glass Door Lock

    The mechanism in a sliding glass door lock isn't too complicated. You can get the door lock working and your sliding glass door secure in no time.
  • How To Fix a Hanging Cabinet

    Simple cabinet problems brought about by age can be corrected with an easy do-it-yourself trick. Learn to fix hanging cabinets without a carpenter.
  • How To Fix a Leaking Refrigerator

    A refrigerator leak is a fairly common household problem and not necessarily a cause for worry. Examine this checklist for solutions to fix your leaking refrigerator.
  • How To Fix Uneven Refrigerator Doors

    In order for your refrigerator door to close and seal properly, it is important that the door be hung evenly. Follow these steps to fix your uneven refrigerator doors.
  • How To Fix or Repair a Leach Field

    Your leach field is an important part of your septic system and relieves the pressure on your septic tank. Learn how to take care of and repair your leach field.
  • How To Fix Paint Streaks on a Ceiling

    Even way up there, you and your guests are going to notice paint streaks on your ceiling, so learn how to paint without leaving the paint streaks behind.
  • How To Fix Leaking Home Radiators

    Do you need help fixing a leaking home radiator? Get tips to mend your broken home radiator. Here's how to fix leaking home radiators.
  • How To Find Home Automation Options for the Disabled

    Home automation nowadays is a breakthrough for persons with disabilities. Here is how to find home automation options for your home.
  • How To Select Circular Saw Blades

    Do you cut wood with circular saws? Learn about the various types of circular saw blades. Here's how to select circular saw blades.
  • How To Decorate Your Outdoor Living Space

    Need help decorating your outdoor living space? Get decoration tips for your patio or porch. Here's how to decorate your outdoor living space.
  • How To Estimate How Much Firewood to Buy

    If you buy more firewood than you need or can use, you are defeating your aim of cutting down on energy costs, so let's figure out how much firewood you need to buy.
  • How To Seal Copper

    It’s very important for a copper surface to be sealed, to protect it from losing its luster. Here are some of the steps you need to do to seal copper.
  • How To Sanitize a Washing Machine

    It is important to regularly clean your washing machine and maintain its cleanliness. Here are the steps to sanitize a washing machine.
  • How To Protect a Leather Sofa

    Protecting a leather sofa involves regular cleaning and use of leather protecting products. Here are a few tips to protect your leather sofa.
  • How To Drill Holes for a Pedestal Sink

    This article describes the general procedure for drilling holes for a pedestal sink, as well as installing a pedestal sink.
  • How To Drill Plexiglass

    Plexiglass can easily crack or break when you drill a hole through it. Yet, drilling a hole through plexiglass is possible without breaking or cracking the plexiglass.
  • How To Do Coffee Maker Repair

    If you wake up one day to find your coffee maker broken, here are some of the steps that you can take to repair the coffee maker.
  • How To Remove Latex Paint Overspray

    Here's how to remove latex paint overspray. It is best to try and remove it while it is still fresh but there are options for older overspray.