How To Make Air Freshener

Sunflower air freshener
Few people realize how easy it is to make your own air fresheners and how much safer these alternatives are compared to the store-bought versions that are full of chemicals. There are a lot of options when it comes to freshening your home for less money and with all-natural ingredients. However, figuring out where to begin can be a little bit confusing. You can make a great air freshener and linen spray very inexpensively.

Step 1

Get a spray bottle. There are many types of spray bottles that are easy to find and can be purchased for not very much money at all. It works best to get one that is of a size you would like to store. You can get a four-ounce spray bottle in the travel section. This works just fine, but if you are one who doesn't want to have to mix up new air freshener every time you get through four ounces, you might want to look for a larger bottle. They can usually be purchased in garden sections, in craft sections of stores, and even in hair care locations. They come in sizes of 10 ounces on up to 32 ounces.

Step 2

Gather your ingredients. Your best option is to make a spray that kills or absorbs odors and that releases a lovely smell into the room. To do this, you will need a few different products. You can use alcohol (either high proof clear varieties such as Everclear or vodka or rubbing alcohol) to help kill and absorb the cause of odor. However, baking soda or vinegar are two other options that you have. You will want to choose one of these three products...I prefer alcohol. The best thing to add for fragrance is essence oil, but it can be pricey. Other options include extracts (such as those you cook with), herbs and spices, or fragrance oils (synthetics are much cheaper than essence oils). Your other ingredient is water--bottled or distilled water is best because it is cleaner.

Step 3

Mix it all together. Making your perfect mix is really up to you. You will want about three parts water. Add your fragrance first so you can figure out your scent. If you are using essence oils, add 10 drops and smell it. You can add more as you desire. If you are using fragrance oil, start with 15 drops. Extracts should be used a little more generously than that (such as 20 drops). If you want to use herbs and/or spices, then boil them on the stove in your water and then place your water in the bottle after it has cooled. Finish it off with 1 part alcohol, vinegar or baking soda.

Example (for a 12-ounce bottle):

9 ounces of water

10 drops of essence oil (such as lavender)

3 ounces of alcohol

Step 4

Using your product. Shake your air freshener/linen spray well before each use. You can spray surfaces, use it to clean countertops, spray the air, and your linens, carpets and upholstery.

This chemical-free option allows you to make the scent that works best for you. You can personalize your new spray and use it for ages to come. This long-lasting spray is very inexpensive as well. You will be able to spray all over your house for much less cost than you would buying chemical versions!


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By James Goetz

Great tip...I will try this with the lavender leaves I just trimmed from my plants. Thanks.

By Mary Norton