How To Find the Best Air Fresheners on the Market

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Air fresheners are artificial liquid perfumes that you can use to change the odor of a certain room in your house. There are a wide variety of air fresheners available in the market today, and their scents, purposes and ingredients likewise vary to certain degrees. What type of air fresheners you should use depends largely on your purpose and the people who will be "using" the air perfumed by the freshener. Here are some considerations in determining the best air purifier for you:

  1. Scent. Of course, your primary consideration should be the scent of the product. Does it emit a pleasant smell?  Or does the fragrance come off as too strong for you?  You may have to try out several scents in order to get the perfect one, because simply sniffing up the scent will not do. Sometimes the general scent when placed around the house changes with the interaction of chemicals inside your home. You should also consider the people you live with, because scent and fragrance may be relative--what may come off to you as a very good smell may pass off as too strong for another person. Consult your housemates or family members whether they like the scent or not, then choose which one to keep.
  2. Chemicals used. Air fresheners generally contain ammonia and other chemicals to enable the scent to fill the air quickly. Others also have anti-bacterial chemicals sprayed through the air, to fend off germs and other viruses that may cause infection. Consider reading the contents of the air freshener before buying them, because some chemicals may be allergens and cause irritation in some people.
  3. Type. Do you need to feel relaxed when sniffing the air, or do you just want to perfume your home with a scented freshener of your choice?  Or maybe you're just looking for room deodorizers to get that stinking smell out of your bedroom?  There are different types of air fresheners for every occasion. While some commercial air fresheners generally emit a pleasant odor, there are also those that provide a calming, relaxing and soothing effect on people. These are called therapeutic fresheners, and are widely available in the market. Others simply take away unpleasant smells, like what an odor neutralizer does. You should also consider the container of the freshener, because this may affect its longevity. Do you want a standing freshener in a small cup that fills the air with scents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  Or do you simply need a quick whiff by pressing a dispenser to emit the scent?  These considerations vary depending on your use.
  4. Longevity. This is also a primary consideration for middle-income users. Some fresheners evaporate too quickly because they are always left in the open. Others, however, are controlled because they come in dispensers that spray scents only at a certain time or when you want them to.

If you want to keep your room smelling fresh while maintaining the cool air inside it, you may opt to try scented air humidifiers now available in the market. They provide moisture in the air of your house while emitting a fresh and lovely scent to freshen your home. An air cleaner or an air filter in a room can likewise achieve the same effects as with an air freshener.


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