How To Find the Best Electric Boiler Manufacturers

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An electric boiler is a generator that uses electric energy to produce heat in an environment. This device can be used in residential areas and also industrial locations. There are different manufacturers for electrical boilers and there are different features for each boiler. Before purchasing an electric boiler for your home, it is advisable that you check the prices and also the features of the electric boiler. It is good to purchase an electric boiler that will do the job and at the same time be energy efficient.

Here are some of the best manufacturers for electric boilers:

  1. Argo. Argo Industries is a company that provides different central heating systems, temperature guards and zone controls. This company is one of the best manufacturers of electric boilers. Their electronic boilers are described as having 100% efficiency in fuel use. Some other features of the electric boilers from Argo are a microprocessor baseboard heater control and an energy star rating. The electric boilers manufactured by this company are both used in residential and industrial spaces. You can check the prices for the boilers by visiting the company's website at
  2. Burnham Hydronics. This company offers different electric boiler machines for both industrial and home use. Burnham is considered one of the best brands in providing different devices for heating. The electronic boiler machines come in different sizes to suit your needs. Their electric boilers are made of cast iron and mounted on the wall. Their systems are also 100% fuel efficient. You can contact a contractor for your area by going to the company's website at
  3. Electro Industries. This company has been providing services since 1974. They specialize in boiler systems that are energy efficient. Their heating systems are for commercial and residential use. You can choose from different sizes of electric boilers that are available from the website. The range of the capacity of the boilers is from 1.1 gallons up to 40 gallons. A lot of people choose this brand as the devices come with a good warranty. You can visit the website to be able to compare the different models that are available.
  4. Slant/Fin. This is another company that has a high rating in providing quality heaters for residential and commercial use. Some of the products that are available on the website include gas boilers, oil boilers, commercial boilers, electric boilers and water heaters. Slant/Fin is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company that is why you are sure to get quality products when you buy from them. The website for this company is

These are some of the best manufacturers that have electric boilers for both residential and commercial use. You can visit the websites to be able to check the different models and features of the electric boilers. In purchasing an electric boiler for your home or for your company, make sure that it is energy efficient so that you will not only be saving money but you will also be able to limit the harmful emissions to the environment.


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