How To Find the Best Surge Protection Devices

Plugging in

Do you know the difference between getting surge protection devices and not getting one? It can be the cost of your computer or a special program you're creating for your boss.

Understanding the Importance of Surge Protector Devices

There are instances when people disregard the possible effects of lightning and the immediate on-and-off of power supply to their appliances and other electronic devices. Instead of using surge protection devices, they simply plug their expensive things into a common outlet. What happens when lightning strikes or a power interruption occurs? Power surges attack these expensive things and may or may not ruin them.

You're lucky if only your receptacle or outlet becomes damaged. What if your computer's LAN or worse, your computer was destroyed because you did not buy surge protector for it? Now, that's definitely a problem.

But if you buy a surge protector before that happens, you surely wouldn't have any problem even with the attack of excessive voltage, because the surge arrestor will take care of everything.

Now that you know the importance of surge arrestors for your LCD TV and computer, you might already be planning to buy a surge protector now. The problem, however, is that you don't know the best surge arrestor for your LCD TV, laptop, and other important devices.

Pointing Out the Best Surge Electrical Protection Devices

The best surge protection device is different from one person to another. But these pointers will help you identify which surge arrestors will work best for you:

  • Every device needs a special form of surge protection. For LCD TVs, a special unit like the APC 1500VA-RS, will work best because this can take 800W of load for as long as 3 minutes. The time and power are just enough to turn off the LCD TV. However, this same APC surge device will only provide average protection or might not even be recommended for your computer. Usually, an uninterruptible power supply is needed to work as a surge protection device for computers. Aside from protecting your important computer, you can also have a battery backup. The length of time is usually 30 minutes, just enough to save everything you're doing on the computer and close it.
  • Power surges. Power surges from power interruptions can surely be handled by mediocre surge protectors. However, if you were intending to use this device to reduce lightning damages, then you would need a better surge protection device. The best device for that should be able to handle more voltage from the power surge attack.
  • Where the surge protector device will be used. For home use, simple one-tier surge protection devices can be the best, considering your need and your budget. But if you intend to use the device for your business, then you had better consider a two-tier surge protector. The two-tier surge protection device has a service entrance protecting the incoming power line. It also has the point-of-use surge protection device that gives secondary protection for your business's important equipment.
  • Price consideration. Never settle on the "more expensive, better quality" mentality. The truth is, the quality may really affect the price--but not too much. There are equally good quality device  having far different prices.

By considering all these concerns, you will certainly know whether an APC surge protector is the best for you or not. Anyway, what's important is to get the surge protection device that can give the best protection for your important electronic and electric things at home or in business.


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