How To Get Boiler Part Repair Resources

Is your trusty boiler in trouble and you need to procure boiler parts and make boiler repairs? Boiler repairs require a lot of hard work, but it doesn’t mean it cannot be done. You would need to have repair resources, tips, instructions, and diagrams on hand, or you could contact a repair expert to help you out.

  • P.C. McKenzie Company - P.C. McKenzie is a reliable one-stop company that has been in service for over 45 years. The company offers boiler parts and accessories, boiler service, and boiler maintenance. They regularly update their full inventory for the convenience of their customers and clients. They are trusted suppliers of a variety of boiler parts in their stocks including boiler spares and hard to find parts. In fact, they pride on being experts in hard to find parts. Visit their website at and check out their inventory and list of services.

    They provide excellent 24/7 customer service to accommodate your orders and concerns. Contact the company through their office number or a toll-free number for orders and inquiries, especially on product prices. True to their goal of providing quality service, a live customer service agent is available on the line from 8:30 – 4:30 EST to help customers. The contacts page of their website also has a chat button if you want to talk to a customer service agent online. Other services they provide include boiler start-up service, and tips and instruction with a diagram on boiler maintenance, boiler blow down, boiler refractory care, and boiler fireside care. The company believes in proactive boiler maintenance instead of reactive boiler maintenance. The former involves undertaking preventive measures and regular inspection to maintain boiler efficiency and to ensure safety in the working area. The latter on the other hand, involves boiler repair only when something has gone wrong. Reactive maintenance is then discouraged since it involves additional high labor costs and overtime work. P.C. McKenzie’s office, facilities, warehouse, etc. are located at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

  • Joe Moore and Company, Inc. - Joe Moore and Company serves North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia in all manners of boiler services, boiler repairs, installation and provision of boiler parts. They supply both boiler parts and services to various companies, institutions, and agencies. As the largest stocking distributor in both Carolina states and Tennessee, the company maintains its efficient 24/7 emergency boiler repair, service, delivery, and customer service functions. Their main office is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. To learn more about the boiler parts and services they provide, visit their website at or call their 24-hour customer service. The company values not only safety of the workplace, but also of the workers themselves, so their website also provides tips on boiler maintenance and maintaining boiler efficiency to avoid boiler-related accidents.
  • Clapham Group - The Clapham Group is a set of companies based in London, which offer a variety of home and domestic services, including plumbing and heating services. They also provide new boiler installation, boiler repair and boiler maintenance. Their plumbing and heating page, which can be accessed through provides procedures in default boiler servicing. You can contact their office to know more about the range of services they provide.
  • Boiler Breakdowns - Another reliable boiler parts and service provider is Boiler Breakdowns. The website of Boiler Breakdowns at provides a comprehensive list of anything that could help you in boiler repair, emergency plumbing, and central heating. They work hard to retain 100% customer satisfaction and they make sure that all their engineers are certified professionals.


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