Building a Windmill

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Windmills are beautiful and peaceful to look upon. However, they are very useful and practical. Windmills use the power of the wind for many different jobs. Windmills are quite complicated to build and you really should consult an engineer or a carpenter for advice.

The design of a windmill involves many things such as physics, geometry and electrical engineering. Modern windmills are usually used to generate energy and are also called wind turbines. It is a good idea to first build a scale model to learn all the proper steps. A scale model can be constructed out of tape, heavy-duty construction paper, glue, wood stick about 2" wide and 12" long paper fastener.

You need to decide if your will be building this windmill for looks or if you would like it to start saving money on the cost of energy. You generally will need more than one person to help with this project. One of the first things to consider before beginning to build a windmill is how to maximize the conversation of the wind energy into mechanical energy. You will need to build the windmill as tall as possible to achieve this goal. This gives the maximum amount of wind energy.

To build a windmill that is approximately ten feet in height you would need to first build a base that is at least 40 pounds in weight and at least 36 inches square. Concrete is a very acceptable material to use. Windmill blades are used to capture the wind energy. The blades should be from 2 feet to 6 feet in length. You can purchase windmill blades or you can construct them from either wood or light weight plastic. The windmill tower is another important part of the windmill. It can be constructed using strong PVC pipe. The windmill nacelle is where the gearbox would be located. However, for a simple windmill you can use a shaft to connect the blades to the tower and this will allow it to spin.

Many people are looking for ways to make their homes more green these days with the rising energy costs. A windmill is a great way to achieve this and it is relatively low in cost to construct. The best thing to remember when attempting to build your own windmill is that you need to go slow, get the proper dimensions and make sure to consult an expert if you are new at construction.


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