How To Compare Front Loading Washing Machine Models

If you are looking for a washing machine that is energy efficient and cost effective, you may want to upgrade to a front loading washer. Front loading washers balance efficiency and fashion. Aside from LG Electronica, Asko, Miele KitchenAid, and Maytag washers and appliances, you may also want to compare and to consider these washing machine models:

1. Samsung SilverCare WF337AA front-loading washer

What are the outstanding features of Samsung SilverCare WF337AA?

  • It is furnished with a silver bar unlike other washing machines.
  • It has the ability to eliminate bacteria that cause bad odor to your garments; hence sanitize your clothes.
  • It has the ability to remove sweat, stains and discolorations in your clothes.
  • It only needs replacement after ten years of use.
  • It provides one to two years guarantees.
  • It is equipped with temperature control system, larger washing capacity, and manageable electronic controls.

2. Kenmore HE3t Steam Front-Load Washer 46742/46752

What are the outstanding features of Kenmore HE3t Steam Front-Load Washer 46742/46752?

  • It is equipped with steam that is very useful in eliminating stains and oils. It leaves garments with enough moisture.
  • It has a sanitizing system for cleaning garments as well as for cleaning washer tubs.
  • It is an energy saving washer.
  • It has sufficient speed in spinning garments.
  • It has a large laundry capacity and a manageable control system.
  • It is cheap unlike its counterparts and offers one-year warranty.

3. General Electric WCVH6800 front-loading washer

What are the outstanding features of General Electric WCVH6800 front-loading washer?

  • It offers rotary control systems and flexible logic as well as LED display.
  • It is furnished with control boards that are more manageable.
  • It makes the user more informed of the system processes including settings, cycle indicators, as well as programming.
  • It has an automatic adjustment control systems. For instance, once you direct the type of cycle, this washing machine will do the next procedures for you - regulation of spin speed and water level as well as the temperature.
  • It has a pretreatment system in which the safety, the cleanliness and sanitation of the garments are given emphasis.
  • It provides very spacious cleaning capacities. In fact, there is a sufficient space for large comforters.
  • It has the HydroHeater power that enables the washer to eliminate bacteria.

4. Electrolux Ecovalve EWF1087

What are the outstanding features of Electrolux Ecovalve EWF1087?

  • It is furnished with special cleaning programs for wool, handwash as well as synthetic garments.
  • It provides a variety of washing options including delay start, pre-wash, as well as extra rinse systems.
  • It is equipped with spin options and detergent dispensers.
  • It has an inner bowl made of steel.

Now that you have more choices other than Maytag and Whirlpool, you may consider the above-mentioned models. Buy the best front loading washing machine, what are you waiting for? Contact the manufactures now, and get your brand new front loading washer.


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