How To Do Green Business

Going green is increasingly popular, and from a business point of view, doing green business is not just going along with a fad, but making a commitment to reduce a business's footprint on the planet. Many of these changes are simple to make, and once your company gets into a routine, you'll find it's easy to do green business.

First, start your process of doing green business at the office by making a few basic changes.  You can reduce the amount of paper used by sending emails and making the bulk of your informational resources available online. Employees can also elect to receive e-statements instead of pay stubs for direct deposit. Make sure cleaning products and supplies are biodegradable and free of harsh chemical agents that not only harm the environment but can harm your employees due to exposure. Switch your light bulbs to more energy-efficient light bulbs, and you will not only be helping the environment, but will be saving money on the utility bill.

Switch to fair trade coffee and you will immediately notice the difference in quality from that no-name bulk brand and still manage to do green business. If you cater lunches or other meals, try to find restaurants and caterers that use organic produce and free-range chicken and eggs. Don't forget about prominently placing recyclable bins around the stores or office to encourage employees to recycle.

Another way to do green business is to literally do just that - order your supplies and products from companies that use predominately recycled materials. Also, look for "fair-trade" companies, which means that the companies pay their workers a fair wage for their products. Most people have heard of fair trade coffee and chocolate, but the principles can also be applied to textiles and other products. It might cost a bit more, but you are ensuring an environmentally and socially friendly product.  And, as demand grows, prices will eventually even out, making this a more cost-effective option for everyone.

Since there is a social adaptation factor to green business too, take a look at your company's compensation levels, policies and business practices. Are they aligned to not only produce a profitable business, but also a business that can be notorious for taking care of its employees through a fair compensation program and fair business practices? Even sponsoring yoga or other wellness programs and incentives for employees has been proven to promote healthier, happier and more productive employees. It's easy and rewarding to do green business with these simple changes, and your employees and customers will appreciate your efforts.


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