How To Do Electric Furnace Troubleshooting

You may not know the difference between a Carrier furnace and Trane furnace. You might not even understand what the big deal with a Coleman furnace is. But you know for sure that you somehow need to know how to do electric furnace repair or furnace replacement. If you don't, you and your family might just suffer through the cold winter season.

Fortunately, you can bring a certain something to the rescue with skills in electric furnace troubleshooting. Simple troubleshooting like repair of a simple problem or replacing some small parts can be done by many homeowners. Don't be too dependent on professional furnace repair and furnace replacement professionals because if you do, you'll only waste money. Repair prices are too high, and you don't need to spend as much if you know how to do simple repairs.

Besides, some troubleshooting is just so easy. You don't even need to be bothered whether it's a Carrier Furnace, Trane Furnace, or Coleman furnace.

  1. Noisy furnace. A noisy furnace is usually caused by loose access panels. If that's the case, you can just correctly fasten the access panels. If the noise comes from the sticking, damaged, or worn belt, then you should use a fan belt dressing. Spray that on the belts. You can also replace the belt if it is worn out or damaged. Meanwhile, adjusting the belt will be the solution if the noise comes from a too tight or too loose blower belt. If none of these causes the noise, then it might be lack of lubrication for the motor or blower. Simply lubricate these parts using motor oil.

  2. Blower not operating. There are only two common causes for this, the relays are faulty or the blower control is wrongly set. For the latter, simply reset the thermostat, but for the former you'll have to call a professional.

  3. Repeated on-off. Solve this problem by cleaning or replacing the filter. Check also to see if the motor and blower have enough lubricating oil. You can also de-clog the blower and clean that up.

  4. Won't run. If the electric furnace won't run, check if there is power. If there isn't, then see if the fuses are blown or if the circuit breakers are tripped. Sometimes, the problem is only because the power switch is off. For that, simply turn on the furnace. Motor overload might also cause this. If you suspect that this is the case, just wait for 30 minutes before pressing the reset button. Repeat this process if you deem it is needed.

  5. Insufficient heat. Simply raise the thermostat setting, replace or clean the filter, clean the blower assembly, or balance the system so that the furnace can produce enough heat. You may also adjust the belt or replace it. If not, just make sure that all the furnace registers are open and not blocked.

For sure, some of these electric furnace troubleshooting steps are a piece of cake. But in times of difficult furnace troubles when you can't assure efficiency, asking a professional to come over and make the repair is the best option. Fees may be high, but that will be the best thing you can do for your electric furnace.


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