How To Compare Electric Heaters

A heater is device that is used to warm a room or space. There are several types of heaters and one of them is the electric heater. Electric heaters use electric resistors to convert electrical energy into heat.

An electric heater comes in several types. The space heaters or radiative heaters are the types of heaters that emit heat from a heat source. Convection heaters are the oldest types of heater. Fan heaters and gas heaters are types of convection heaters. Oil heaters are also the same as convection heaters. Wall heaters are heaters that are mounted to the wall.

Buying electric heaters is easy. You can buy electric heaters from household goods stores or you can also buy them online. But before you buy heaters, it is best to first check what brands are good and compare prices. It is also a good thing to read reviews or ratings about the product. Here are some electric heaters that you can find in the market, their brand prices and ratings.

  • The Honeywell HZ315 QuickHeat is an electric portable heater. With the price range of $19-$27, this inexpensive ceramic heater can provide an ample amount of heat. It is a simple and easy to use product. Though the body of the product is made of plastic, it is not a problem. It can heat up a living room in less than 15 minutes. Another good thing about it is its portability. You can bring it in the garage or back to the living room with no difficulty. The only downside to this product is there is no switch and the fan is very loud. But all in all, this product does a good job for its value.
  • The Coleman ProCat 5053A751 is a portable electric utility heater. Its price range is around $70-$120. This heater offers several great elements. It is lightweight, easy to use and very efficient. When used outdoors, the battery can last up to 20 hours while the propane gas can last for about a good 8 hours. The use of propane is not an issue, it only produces very minimal odor with untraceable hints of carbon monoxide. The heater also features an ignition switch for added convenience. With all of these features, the Coleman ProCat is surely a nice thing to keep during winter.
  • The Dimplex DS3311 is a compact yet sturdy electronic heater. Its price ranges from $141 to $250. This small but powerful unit provides a gentle current of warm air across the room. It can simulate the warmth of a fireplace on a cold winter night. The unit also features a convenient control unit at the back. It also has a heater thermostat control to regulate the heat from the unit. Overall, this high-quality electric heater is one top of the line item that is worth its price.

In buying electric heaters, always check the quality of the product. It is advisable to read reviews and compare prices. Doing this will help you find the electric heater that suits your needs.


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