How To Find Product Reviews on Viking Dishwashers

Viking is a major brand of home appliances, under which are sub-brands Viking Professional, Viking Designer, Viking Outdoor and Viking Culinary Products. The devices it manufactures are very diverse: from kitchen appliances including ranges, ovens, cooktop appliances (such as toasters, blenders and food processors), refrigerators, to ventilation devices as well as outdoor cooking and food serving gear.

One of the appliances that Viking is known for is its dishwasher line. Viking dishwashers are known to be very efficient, as it uses only 4.5 gallons of water during the full normal wash cycle. Some of its other features include its very quiet and still powerful performance, its touch-pad controls, its high cutlery capacity (up to 16 settings of China, thanks to its fully-extendable racks), its nifty compartments for smaller items such as knives, and its efficient water drainage system.

If you are interested in buying a Viking dishwasher, it is wise for you to invest some time in looking for users' reviews to find out if this brand is indeed the best for you, or if you should look for other brands, such as Wolf ranges and dishwashers models.

Where would you be able to find product reviews on Viking dishwashers? First, you could go to trading Web sites such as,, and The best thing about these Web sites is that not only do they typically provide some ratings and description of each model, you are also able to make price comparisons as well.

Another very helpful venue for you to find users' reviews is the Web site Browse through its tabs and click on the category Home and Garden; you will be briefed with some technical details of the product such as its dimensions, key features and some descriptions. A plus here is that you can find product reviews of other dishwasher brands, such as General Electric, Whirlpool and Bosch. You can also narrow down your search depending on the price range.

For more detailed advice on how to purchase dishwashers, look up the very helpful guidelines found at This site provides general tips such as what to look for when buying dishwashers, what types and models are available (and what their pros and cons are), and what brands are typically the most reliable.

Other Web sites that you can visit include the Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center, and (for other brands such as Thermador). You could also hunt for dishwasher parts at

Of course, you should also take the time to go to Viking's official Web site, at You will learn more details about the different products and know the different specifications and capabilities straight from the manufacturer itself.

We may never know for sure whether the fierce warrior group that traveled the seas on longboats and thrived on plundering and exploration would be happy that their names are now associated with appliance and cutlery. However, we do know more about their brand name counterpart, thanks to the online sources listed above. Good luck!


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