Green Living

Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of people trying to make their lives more green? Our Green Living section has you covered! If you are just now starting to consider how you can live in a more environmentally friendly manner, but think it costs too much money or takes too much effort, you can read about how to go green without breaking the bank.

Learn about practical steps you can take to make your home and community greener. Find out how to launder pillows in an ecologically responsible way instead of throwing them out. What are you supposed to do with old light bulbs or ink cartridge, or with that old computer or car? If you have no idea, you can find out exactly what to do with used bulbs and ink cartridges, as well as how to dispose of electronics and junk your old car in a way that does not harm the planet and brings us all a little closer to the dream of truly green homes.

Are you interested in green energy, lowering your heating bills or getting off the grid? Take a look at our articles on installing solar panels or making a wind generator. Learn to insulate your hot water tank to save money. Find out where recycled vegetable oil fuel stations are – all of this information and more is available on our site.

Are you more socially minded? Find out how to start a tree-planting organization in your own community or how to prevent rainforest destruction. Start a clean water project in your own town and learn about sustainable living and renewable energy resources. From expert to novice, the Green Living section of our site will show you exactly how to make your community and individual life greener and more Earth-friendly.

More Green Living Articles

  • Your DIY Guide: How to Install Solar Panels on Your Roof

    Going solar isn't as complicated as it may sound. It does require some thought and consideration beforehand, but there's no reason why you can't make your home more...
  • Save Your Money and the Planet: How to Go Solar

    The percentage of people in the United States who rely on solar energy is still relatively small, but there has recently been a dramatic uptick in solar installations....
  • How To Wash and Reuse Plastic Storage Bags

    Plastic bags are a huge environmental hazard. They fill up the landfills and cause waterways to get clogged. However, these bags are so convenient to have that they...
  • How To Stop Tree Cutting

    The environment is in danger and one of the main issues is the deforestation of trees. Every year, there are 50 million acres of wooded areas being deforested. Trees...
  • How To Spring Clean the Green Way

    It’s nice to clean in spring; when nature wakes up from a long slumber and gives us a refreshing feeling of renewal. In spring, we can interact more freely with the...
  • How To Stop Air Pollution Causes

    Air pollution is a great cause of environmental concern. No matter where you live or who you are, everyone is affected by air pollution. Poor air quality not only...
  • How To Seed a Grape Vine

    Vineyards and grape farms normally grow their grapes by grafting. Wild grapes are sown by birds and humans. Grape seeds can be tossed on the ground and allowed to...
  • How To Save Water and Garden Anywhere

    Gardening is becoming more and more popular in the United States. The First Ladies are known to have been very fond of maintaining gardens on the grounds of the White...
  • How To Remove Iron from Well Water

    Plenty of wells have an overabundance of iron in them, but you can take steps to remove iron from your well water.
  • How To Recycle Rubber

    Rubber is one of the most difficult things to recycle because it is a complex material and it cannot be broken down easily. At the same time, wrong disposal of rubber...
  • How To Make Crafts Using Recycled Tin Cans

    Do your bit for the environment and re-use! Tin cans are a great item to hold on to, because you can make crafts using recycled tin cans.
  • How To Make a Compost Pit

    Want to compost naturally in your back yard? A composting pit requires very little work. Here's how to make a compost pit.
  • How To Make Use of Styrofoam Egg Cartons

    Do you have empty egg cartons? These cartons are useful for a variety of different projects. Here's how to make use of Styrofoam egg cartons.
  • How To Make Use of Empty Juice Cartons

    Do you have empty juice cartons hanging around? Get tips for using them for other purposes. Here's how to make use of empty juice cartons.
  • How To Make Biodiesel from Soybeans

    Does your car use biodiesel? You can make your own by using soybeans in a chemical process. Here's how to make biodiesel from soybeans.
  • How To Make a Rag Bag

    Recycling is a great way to save the planet and to save money as well. Instead of indiscriminately disposing old and unused items from your attic and into the trash,...
  • How To Make a Turning Compost Bin

    One of the nicest innovations in the activity of gardening is the invention of the turning compost bin. This turning compost bin already eliminates the step where you...
  • How To Make Bio Diesel Fuel from Fresh Vegetable Oil

    You can make your own bio diesel fuel for your vehicle using fresh vegetable oil and this fuel-making process.
  • How To Install Permeable Pavers

    Permeable pavers are the environmentally friendly way to pave a driveway, walkway, or garden patio.
  • How To Get Free Stuff Using Freecycle

    Freecycle is a fantastic community resource where you can get and give free stuff from people who just don't want to throw it away.
  • How To Get Green Energy Residential Grants

    Want to find a grant for green energy? Get tips for applying for energy grants for your home. Here's how to get green energy residential grants.
  • How To Get Rid of Old Car Tires

    Use these practical ideas on how to get rid of old car tires and help the environment while cleaning out your garage.
  • How To Support Eco-Friendly Charities

    Here are ways to support eco-friendly charities which give humanitarian help while promoting a green, healthy and nature-friendly world.
  • How To Find Green Cleaning Products

    Janitors at major institutions are moving to green cleaning products. Perhaps it's time for your home or office to adopt green cleaning product alternatives as well.
  • How To Do Steam Distillation at Home

    Steam distillation may sound fancy and complicated but it is actually very easy to do at home. You do not need highly advanced equipment to create this process.
  • How To Control Garbage Disposal Odors

    Controlling garbage disposal odors involves a two step process that includes cleaning the garbage disposal unit and applying deodorizing solutions.
  • How To Conserve Water by Old-Fashioned Ways

    Going back to the days before the birth of automated household equipment can help you come up with ideas on how to conserve water the old-fashioned way.
  • How To Choose a Street Tree

    A street tree is another way to beautify our community and provide shade from the increasing heat that the sun brings in.
  • How To Make Outdoor Planters

    If you are dreaming of a little garden in an urban setting, you can forget about backyards. However, there is an alternative. An outdoor planter will do the job.
  • How To Make Your Own Reusable Bulk Food Bags

    If you want to contribute to the effort to reduce waste in the environment, you can make your own reusable bulk food bags using fabrics that are washable and reusable.
  • How To Catch and Store Water for Plants

    These are the simple steps on how you can catch and store water that you can use for watering your plants and flowerbeds.
  • How To Choose a Green Central Vacuum

    If you are in the market for a central vacuum system, go green. There are several questions you need to ask yourself before you choose a green central vacuum.
  • How To Care for a Lemon Tree

    Although a lemon tree is an “easy” tree, it still needs some proper care if you want it to continue growing beautifully.
  • How To Make Humic Compost

    What makes humic compost special? When your crops are nurtured in this kind of soil, your harvest becomes more fruitful and healthier for consumption.
  • How To Care for a Heliconia Flower

    Taking care of the Heliconia flower means taking care of the entire Heliconia plant. This plant is unique from other plants.
  • How To Care for a Tiger Lily Flower

    If you already have one, here are some tips to properly take care of your Tiger Lily.
  • How To Make Organic Vegetable Plant Food

    Organic vegetable plant food is more than just an efficient way of using resources; it is also a means to help our planet. It is not only environment-friendly. It is...
  • How To Learn About International Emissions Trading

    International Emissions Trading has been long debated and is an issue across the world.
  • How To Buy Green House Cleaner

    Buying a green house cleaner is just one of the many steps that you can take in trying to help save the planet from harmful effects of chemicals.
  • How To Find Future Energy Source Comparisons

    Here are these factors that you can check out as you try to seek future energy source comparisons in your area.
  • How To Make Plastic Quilt Squares

    Crafters all over the world are finding ways to recycle those pesky plastic bags that we carry are groceries home in. One such way is by making plastic quilt squares.
  • How To Make High Quality Biodiesel

    Biodiesel is very easy to make. Surprisingly, most of the things you will need to have your car running on biodiesel are available in your own home.
  • How To Buy Green Wedding Gifts

    Green gift items are currently on the rise, and with that rise comes the new trend of giving green wedding gifts for couples headed to wedded bliss.
  • How To Make a Simple Tote or Green Bag

    One of the most fashionable ways to take care of the environment is by using a tote or a green bag to lessen the use of plastic bags when shopping.
  • How To Make Soda Can Flowers

    Soda can flowers are a wonderful craft idea, and it’s a good way to teach children to recycle.
  • How To Make Peat Pots

    Get started making your peat pots today. You will not be sorry that you did.
  • How To Be an Earth Friendly Grocery Shopper

    Be an earth friendly grocery shopper. Sounds mundane? Believe it or not, these simple things that you can do to help protect our environment does make a big difference.
  • How To Find the Best Environmental News Sites

    You are part of a changing environment that is calling for your attention and action. This is where environmental news sites become beneficial.
  • How To Find Trash and Environment Services

    If you are a business enterprise, these agencies and firms can help you create ways to solve your trash and environment services problems.
  • How To Plant Tree Seedlings

    You don't have to wait for Arbor Day to come in order to plant trees yourself, do you? Here are some few guides on how to plant tree seedlings.