How To Use Home Energy Saving Devices

Conserving energy is an effective method of minimizing the quantity of energy being used. It can also result in an increase in personal finances and environmental conservatism. Organizations and individuals who directly consume energy try to conserve it to reduce the cost of energy. Efficiency in energy consumption is the best way to maximize the profit. Here is a list of the popular energy saving devices for homes.

  1. Energy monitors - The initial step in reducing your energy consumption is to find out how much electricity you are currently consuming. Home energy monitors or smart meters are devices, which specialize in energy management. They can show you how much electricity you are consuming. Energy sensors are also part of an energy meter device. It taps into the energy use of all circuits within the house to get a more accurate energy reading.
  2. Heat insulators - This energy saving product improves the efficiency of energy consumption in your home by making it warmer. It also reduces carbon footprints. Products like radiator boosters, insulation panels and chimney pillows are the most popular and energy efficient insulators.
  3. Energy efficient appliances - Choosing intelligent energy saving electrical devices and appliances is the best option for low cost and energy efficient living. Products like Eco Kettle, Eco Vacuum and Eco Iron are some of the available energy saving appliances in the market.
  4. TV and computer standby devices - An average household leaves a TV on standby for about 20 hours every day. If 15 million homes turn their TV off instead of leaving it on standby, the energy saved can be powerful enough to facilitate an entire power station. Just think of the power you can consume with such a small appliance. Standby devices for computers and TVs are a great way to save money if you cannot avoid leaving the appliance on standby. Standby energy saver kits and Intelliplugs are some of the products that help consume energy while the appliances are not in use.
  5. Home energy controllers - Energy controllers are devices that control and manage your home's energy use. Some of its products are energy saving motion sensors and standby energy controllers.
  6. Battery wizard - This device offers a technological breakthrough that allows you to recharge both ordinary and rechargeable batteries. It contains a built-in microprocessor that rejects damaged batteries and automatically adapts to each battery type. This battery wizard works with several types of batteries including AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, rechargeable Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, and zinc carbon.
  7. Gas energy saver - This innovative product uses less gas when cooking. It is a special alloy disc that fits over a burner and can convert a 600 to 700 degree heat to over 1,000 degrees centigrade. It is also capable of converting unused gas to energy and heat.
  8. Energy saving lights - Lighting is one of the top consumers of power. Using energy efficient light bulbs are environment friendly and an efficient way to conserve electricity. Products like compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), sensor lights, reflector bulbs and LED light bulbs, are some of its examples.

Using these energy efficient devices not only save you money, they also reduce carbon footprints that cause carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. Having an energy efficient home is one of the most convenient ways of saving the environment.


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