How Does Double Glazing Work?

The standard windows installed in every household are responsible for about 60% heat loss. Have you checked your window? Maybe it’s releasing too much heat, leaving your house in the cold. How many times have you complained about a heater that doesn’t work? Maybe it’s not your heater’s fault—it’s your windows.  Well, you have a better choice now—a double glazing window.  Everyone has heard of double glazing, but what is it exactly and how does it work? 


A double glazing window, as its name implies, is a window with two glass panes. Imagine two sheets of glass put parallel to each other. This unique construction makes double glazing window different from the standard window. It’s not only for aesthetics. The real reason behind making such a construction is to improve insulation.

There is a space between the two sheets of glasses. The space is commonly some millimeters thick so that air can be trapped between the glasses and it will form insulation.

This is the reason why every double glazing unit is applied with a drying agent to make sure that there is no moisture inside. If condensation occurs, that means the unit is not working as how it is supposed to be. You can’t do anything in that case but to replace the entire unit.


As mentioned, installation of standard windows is the reason why about 60% of heat inside the house is lost. With double glazing, this can be avoided. Aside from keeping your house warm, here are other purposes of installing a double glazing window:

  • Lesser electric bill. Using the heater is highly energy consuming. Since double glazing windows can prevent heat loss, your heater will not have to work harder. That means lesser energy will be consumed and that leaves you with cheaper electric bill. Expect at least a 10% decrease in your bill after installing this special window.
  • Environment-friendly. 28% of carbon dioxide emissions is supplied by our houses. Replacing your standard windows with double glazing ones will be a great help to the environment because carbon dioxide emission will be decreased.
  • Lesser noise pollution. Noise contributes to our everyday stress. With double glazing windows, you can lessen noise pollution because not only heat but even sounds can be “insulated” by this window.
  • Security. Compared to the standard windows, double glazing windows is more secured because of their better fitting. Extra protection will be yours because of the extra hard glass panes and the self-locking system of these windows.
  • Increase property’s value. Installing double glazing windows will add aesthetics to your house. It will give better security and peace, too. Due to these benefits, your house’s value will be higher.

There surely are many benefits of having a double glazing window. But expect this kind of be more expensive than its standard counterpart. It will be a great money-saver in the long run, anyway. You can reduce cost of installing a double glazing by installing one glass pane to your existing window. This way, you don’t have to buy a new unit and spend a lot. It’s still best to consult an expert before you do anything to your window.


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