How Domestic Gas Meters Work

A gas meter is a device used to measure the amount of gas in a residential area. The device is used to monitor the consumption of gas of a household. Gas companies provide these meters to their customers. You may use a credit meter or a pre-payment meter. The credit meter allows the customer to use gas without having a limit. The payment is based on the gas reading. Pre-payment allows the user to pay for the amount of gas that will be used. A gas meter measures the amount of propane and natural gas that is used up. There are six types of gas meters that are used.

Here are the six types of gas meters and how they work:

  1. Diaphragm meters - Diaphragm meters have moving diaphragms that act as the gauge for the amount of gas that is used. When the gas is in use, the diaphragms expand and contract based on the amount of gas being used. The diaphragms are connected to several bars that move. The bars are used to determine the consumption of the entire household. The rate of gas used is usually read once a month. This is the most common gas meter that can be seen in residences.
  2. Rotary meters - Rotary meters are used for larger amounts of gas consumption. This type of meter is composed of two rotors that spin whenever gas is consumed. The rotation of the rotors is then calculated by a counter that is also attached to the device. Some major gas suppliers use this type of meter to measure gas consumption.
  3. Turbine meters - Turbine meters determine the amount of gas consumed by the speed of the flow of the gas through the turbine meter. The speed of gas is calculated by an electronic counter that is attached to the turbine meter. This meter relies on the flow of gas through the meter to be able to determine the gas consumption.
  4. Orifice meters - This type of meter works by calculating the pressure of the gas flow. Some of the other factors considered by this type of meter are the temperature, the density, the viscosity and the static pressure of the gas. This meter is ideal for minimal flow of gas. This meter is considered less accurate than the other meters, which is why it is only meant for minimal consumption of gas.
  5. Ultrasonic flow meters - This type of meter is composed of a pipe. The gas consumption is computed by getting the speed of sound that travels through the pipe. By measuring the speed of sound, the gas consumption is also measured. This type of meter is used for domestic areas that have a high consumption in gas.
  6. Coriolis meter - This type of gas meter is typically used with liquid gas but it can also be used to measure natural gas. The Coriolis meter works by determining the density of the gas. The liquid gas moves upstream and downstream and this determines the amount of gas being consumed.

These are the six types of gas meters that are used in domestic areas. The gas supplier will usually be the one to place the gas meter that is most appropriate for your usage.


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