How To Add a Breakfast Bar to a Kitchen Island

The dining table is way too big for a fast breakfast. How you wish you had a breakfast bar where you can eat hurriedly every morning. Well, if you have a kitchen island, all you have to do is add a breakfast bar to that. This can be a tough job but you know that it will be a cheaper alternative, not to mention the space you can save.

The exact things you should do to add a breakfast bar will be different depending on the shape of your island. Below is an example of adding a breakfast bar to a rectangular-shaped kitchen island. This instruction should give you an idea on how to do it for your own kitchen:

  • Prepare the bar. Use at least an inch thick of lumber for this project. Decide how wide you want the breakfast bar to be. But it’s usually at least a foot wide. The length will be dictated by the island’s length. Cut the lumber to your desired size and use sanding paper to remove any imperfection on the wood. This will prepare the bar for painting or covering of aluminum, tiles, or marble.
Besides the bar, prepare something that will elevate the bar about six inches from the kitchen island. Islands are typically shorter than the dining table, so you’ll need the elevation.
Installing about three inches wide of vertical wood at the back of the island will be a good idea. The length should be about six inches higher than the island.
You’ll also need a corbel or an L-shaped bracket. This will keep the breakfast bar in place. The corbel or bracket should have enough length to give room for the bar. Although L-shaped bracket can be used, it’s still better to use corbel. The latter will give stronger support for the breakfast bar.
  • Put the things together. Use wood glue to attach everything together. Nails and screws will add strength for the structure, too. These will be needed for the L-shaped bracket or corbel when attached to the bar and the island. The woods that will be used for elevation should be nailed or screwed , too.
  • Finishing touch. You are now ready to paint the breakfast bar. It’s best to use the same color as the island. The wood should be smoothed with sanding paper before you paint it on. You don’t need to paint the structure if you have covered the bar with something else. But the elevation will need to go well with the island. So, it needs some paint on. Even the L-shaped bracket or corbel need to be painted on. Test the newly installed breakfast bar if it’s strong enough. Do this after about two days. This should give enough time for the glue and paint to dry.

If you are not that confident to do this project, better leave it to the hands of professionals. They can finish the project faster and safer. You will spend some bucks for this but at least, you have already saved yourself from spending for a separate breakfast bar.


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