How To Add a Fireplace

At least $1,000 will be spent for adding a fireplace in a room. But with a professional’s help, that will be an additional $900. It sure is costly to have this fireplace project. The result can be rewarding, though. Imagine, once you have a fireplace that could add to the dramatic look of your living room. There will be a place where you can all stay together and have a nice cup of tea. The room will have its sophisticated focal point, too.

You should not immediately start making a fireplace even though you have the money and the skills to begin the project. There are important things to do first before you begin making the fireplace.

First, you need to check with your insurance agency if it will be okay to add a fireplace in your house. Some insurance companies will not cover damages caused by a fireplace that was constructed by non-professional. The fireplace might also be covered with the warranty only if installed by a professional.

Check with your local government also. There are laws governing how you should install a fireplace, especially if you need to add a chimney. Better check the guidelines and make sure you will follow the rules.

You don’t have to suffer all these hassles if you let a professional do it. But if you have the skills to finish the project and it’s okay with the insurance company, then start the project immediately.

Follow these steps when adding a fireplace in your house:

  • Decide on the fireplace’s spot. This is very critical for the success of your project. You have to choose the perfect spot for the fireplace. Any spot in the room will be fine if it doesn’t have heavy traffic, if it’s a bit far from the door and window, and if adding the fireplace will not affect other objects in the room. The typical choice for the fireplace is the corner. This receives lesser traffic than the walls. To make deciding easier, imagine how it will be once the fireplace is already installed in the area. Anticipate problems and if there is none or at least only a few, then it’s already the perfect spot.
  • Decide on the fireplace type. Gas or wood fireplaces are the most popular choices.  When choosing, consider what are needed to construct the fireplace. For instance, a gas fireplace should have a venting space. A gas line is also needed for this fireplace type. That is why a permit should be obtained before constructing this kind of fireplace. Wood fireplaces, on the other hand, require a chimney and firebox.
  • Measure. Not only the fireplace should be measured but also other areas that having a fireplace requires. Keep in mind that you need to give room for the vents, mantles, hearth, and brick surround. All these are included in case you will buy a complete fireplace package.
  • Follow instructions. The package you will buy comes with instructions on how to properly install the fireplace. Follow that guide carefully, especially if this is your first time to add a fireplace.

If you are not confident enough to do this project, it’s better to leave everything on a professional. An improperly installed fireplace will only become a fire hazard. What’s an extra $900 if that could mean safety of your family and your property?


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