How To Add a Gable Roof to a Front Porch

Your front porch serves as a meeting place under a shady sky. But you know that this has its limitations. You can’t stay in the front porch when it’s snowing, raining, or under the extreme heat of the sun. Adding a gable roof to your front porch will not only remove all these limitations. A gable roof will also add value to your house.

However, adding a gable roof is not that easy. You need a building plan, get a building permit, and be inspected after completing the project. If you are inexperienced, it’s best that you let a professional do it for you.

Below are the steps in case you still want to do it yourself:

  • Install the truss. Position the porch trusses. They can be secured by placing them flat against the porch end’s top plate. Start nailing the truss that is the closest to your house. Both sides of the truss should be nailed.
  • Add the ridge board. Nail the ridge board to the roof.
  • Install valley rafters. Add the valley rafters to the roof. Start measuring the needed length from the ridge board to the porch truss. This will be for the vertical rafters. Horizontal rafters should me measured across the roof. Fasten the vertical rafters to the ridge board by nailing each of the rafters on their center. Be conscious of the spacing between the rafters. There is a specific spacing that should be followed based on your local guidelines.
  • Add the sheathing. It’s best to follow the size of the sheathing you used for your existing roof. This will give uniformity for the gable roof and your house’s roof. Once the sheathings are ready, you can already nail them to the trusses and rafters. Nail both ends of every sheet. All sheathings should follow the same style of nailing.
  • Add the felt. The proper installation of roofing felt should be from left to right. Slowly roll out the felt by starting it from left going to right. Start the run from the roof’s bottom. Attach roofing tacks to the felt and continue rolling out the felt. Attach tacks every five or six inches. Complete adding roofing felt by installing metal flashing on the valleys. Put some metal flashing also on the valley’s lowest edges. This is important if you want to prevent any damages or leaks from water.
  • Shingles for the finishing touch. Use the same shingle color and type as the one you are using for the existing roof. Start putting the shingles from the roof’s bottom. Continue installing going up. After that, paint the roof with your desired color. Preferably, use the same color as the one used for your existing roof. Nail the shingles to the roof. A staple gun can also do the trick but this will not be a good idea for places with frequent strong winds.

Working on the gable roof will take some days. But after days of hard work will be years of enjoyment. Again, you can always use some help with this big project. Besides, it will be difficult to install everything all by yourself. A friend will be willing to help. If not, get help from a professional. You’ll not only learn things, you’ll also save some money.


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