How To Add Ambient Light to an Entertainment Center

Adding ambient light to an entertainment center can be done even without a certified electrician's expertise. Aside from the fact that you get to save from not having to hire a professional's help, you also get to set up your entertainment center the way you really like it. Of course, you will have to know a bundle about tinkering and handling electrical projects to not end up burning down your house.

  1. Acquire the correct type of ambient lighting system from your local hardware store. There are many different types of ambient lighting kits sold in the market today. The key to getting the most suitable one would be to consider not only its aesthetic function but also its efficiency. Light-emitting diode or LED lights are ideal as they only consume very minimal amounts of electricity. Select LED lights with decorative casings from a hardware shop in your area.
  2. Have other materials needed for adding ambient light assembled as well. Tools that are needed for this project are a power drill and screwdrivers. Have extra clamps, different sizes of screws, and a roll of electrical tape handy as well.
  3. Start putting up the LED lights in the entertainment center. The first thing that you need to do would be to take the television set from the entertainment center. Now, take the LED lights from its box case. There should be screws provided in the box if what you bought is the kit. LED light kits also come complete with its respective power switches. Position the LED lights around the area of the entertainment center where the television set rests. Screw the LED lights accordingly making sure that they are firmly attached. Once done, position the ambient light switch in the desired location on the entertainment center and screw on as well. Use the power drill for easier screwing on of the LED lights in place. Just make sure that you do not puncture any of the wire insulation when you use the power drill as exposed copper conductor wires are a fire hazard.
  4. Put everything back together and enjoy watching your favorite movies or shows! You can now replace the television set in its usual place in the entertainment center after you have successfully set up the ambient lights.

A correct set up of ambient light to an entertainment center serves to enhance one's viewing experience. This is because the viewer's perception of the various colors and images that would have been otherwise indistinct is improved. Proper installation of ambient light to an entertainment center also helps reduce eye fatigue. Children who spend hours watching TV will especially improve their general visual health with the help of right ambient light setup.


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