How To Add Closet Scents

Mothballs, Nay - Closet Scents Yea
Closets, those small enclosed spaces, often bulging to the brim with dresses, shirts, skirts, hats, purses, shoes, gloves, ties and scarves are a breeding ground for buildup of unwanted odors that manage to cling to everything - not to mention the moths who make a feast of your nicest woolens and cashmere. Using moth balls in any form emits an unpleasant odor. There are several ways to add closet scents that don't leave a residue on clothing and are quite pleasantly scented.

Sachets with Natural Ingredients
Sachets are lovely scented little packets that are easy to make and the contents are often as close as your outdoor garden. They can be filled with flower petals, pine needles or delicate herbs like rosemary or chamomile, or spices like star anise, vanilla or cinnamon sticks, whole cloves or nutmeg.  The rinds of orange and lemon can also be used as long as the white pith is completely removed and the rind thoroughly dried. Place the rind on an absorbent material like cheesecloth and allow the citrus oils to drain onto the cloth. Then, discard the rind and add the cloths to sachets.

A Dab Of Perfume

To add less subtle closet scents, first decide on the scent will be in a vapor, spray or solid form.  Commercial closet scents are available in most department and grocery stores in these forms. If you have a favorite cologne or perfume you prefer, simply put a dab on a cotton ball, store in a small ventilated box or plastic container and the scent will pervade the closet with a familiar fragrance.

Add Lavender For A Refreshing Scent
Lavender is technically considered an herb. It is used in various forms in soaps and colognes. The scent of lavender is singularly pervasive. This is the reason it may be used in sachets along with other ingredients.  The scent of lavender appeals to the senses with a very calming influence.  Lavender is an ideal way to add scent to closets of most any kind.  It's aroma lasts for quite a long time.  Lavender is easily grown in most areas or in windowsill pots.  Potted lavender plants provide a constant supply to be used in closets while scenting the air in a room.  Consider using lavender when choosing how to add closet scents. While the scent of lavender lingers, it remains delicate, rather than heady or overpowering.

How to Add Closet Scents
There are a number of containers that are pretty and useful for storing various types of scents.  Small, painted flower pots or unused glass vases are easy to refill. Or, fill a small plastic bag and perforate it with tiny holes to allow the scent to escape; then attach it to an unused coat hanger.


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