How To Add Fresh Closet Scents

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Clothes that have stayed long in your closet may be clean enough for immediate wear. But do these clothes smell fresh enough? Clothes that were stocked in the closet for some weeks have already got that “old clothes” stink. Even rinsing clothes with fabric conditioner can’t keep them fresh-smelling for long. Adding closet scents will be more helpful for keeping your clothes smelling nicely.

There are many ways to add scent to your closet. Here are some ways:

  • Hang car freshener. Car fresheners come in different shapes and styles. Some are hanged while some are left stick on the wall. Whichever you choose, any of these will help freshen up your closet. Just make sure that no cloth will touch the freshener. Some of these have oils and colorings that might stain the clothes.
  • Left-over scented candles. Recycle left-over wax from your scented candles. The real scent of these candles is in the wax. So, you can still smell the scent even without burning the candles. Use a net with small holes or a used stocking to keep all the left-over. Hang this thing anywhere in the closet as long as it’s far from clothes. This should already keep the clothes and the closet smelling fresh.
  • Essential oil. Choose the scent of your choice for the essential oil. Lemon or lime scents are fresher-smelling than other scents. Tie one end of the cotton ball with a string. Dab that cotton ball with that oil and hang it in the closet. Again, the spot for hanging the oil should be far from clothes. Essential oils can put stain on clothes. Replace the cotton ball in case the scent is not that smelly anymore.
  • Perfume. If you don’t have essential oil, you can use your favorite perfume as replacement. You may use the same technique as the hanging cotton ball. But you can also use a clean cotton cloth or tissue paper to hold the perfume scent. The cotton or tissue can be hanged in the closet or they can be put in a small box.
  • Scented sachets. There are teabag-like sachets with lovely scents. These can be used to give a nice scent for the closet. Simply hang the thing in your closet and smell the fresh scent.
  • Go organic and natural. Orange or lemon rinds can be cut in small pieces and placed in a pouch. Flower petals or anything natural with scents can be put in the pouch, too. This pouch is an organic and natural alternative to give your closet a good scent. The only problem with this is that petals, rinds, leaves, etc., rot fast. Their lovely scent will soon turn to rotten stink. You’ll have to replace them after a few days to keep your closet smelling nicely.

Any of these ways can transform your stinky closet into a garden-smelling one. However, any of these ways will be more effective if you free up more spaces from your closet. The more space your closet has, the freer the scent can travel around. Clean your closet regularly, too. Sometimes, getting that fresh smell does not need adding scent in the closet. You only need to clean it up and get rid of the nasty smell.


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