How To Afford a Maid

Whether you are tired of doing it yourself or simply lack the time and attention that your house deserves, hiring a maid may be the next best thing for you and your family.  With all the demands of work and family, it’s hard to keep up with the house.  And while you may want to tell yourself that the house can wait, it can only do so for a short time before things start to pile up.

If you are looking to afford a maid, your first reaction is that it is probably very expensive and that your family can’t afford another bill.  Before making any judgments, first sit down and research what it would cost to hire a maid.  Call around and check prices, ask for the recommendations of friends and family or do a quick Google search.

While you will gain a general estimate of what it will cost to afford a maid, you will have to have several cleaning companies come to your home to give you an exact estimate.  The maid will come to your home and see the size of it and what you would like cleaned.  You can choose to do this right away or wait until you are ready to choose a maid for your home.

Once you have an idea of what a maid will cost, you can now begin to add it into your family budget.  Sit down and look at all of your expenses and see if you can afford a maid.  Chances are, if you move a few things around, you will be able to.  You may have to give up something else in its place, such as a dinner out or trip to the movies, but keep in mind the benefits you will receive from hiring a maid.

Affording a maid frees up your time to be with your family and children.  You will have more time to plan for meals and clip coupons, which can help you save money in the long run.  You will also have more time to cook meals at home, instead of running out for fast food when you are short on time.

There’s certainly no doubt that a maid not only keeps your house clean, but also gives you more time to focus on important things.  But if you cannot swing it and do not have the funds, there’s other steps you can take to afford a maid.

See if you have other neighbors in the area that use maid services.  You can then talk to the cleaning company and see if they can reduce their rates since they will only be making one trip out to your neighborhood.

Also opt to do some of the basic cleaning yourself, such as washing floors or vacuuming.  Any less work the maid has to do, the more money you can save.  Also opt to reduce the number of times you have your maid come to your home.  Many people find that they can only afford a maid if they have her come once a month.


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