How To Apply a High Gloss Wood Finish

Applying a high gloss wood finish to any wooden object makes the object aesthetically pleasing and will make even an old object seem brand new.  Properly applying the high gloss wood finish can be difficult, but is definitely a project which can be properly completed by anyone.

Prior to applying a high gloss wood finish to any wooden object, you will need the following supplies: sand paper, sanding sealer, wood filler, high gloss wood stain, soap, water, a soft pad, paste wax, a soft cloth, and a buffing compound.  All of these items can be purchased fairly inexpensively at any hardware store.

The first step needed to be completed prior to applying the new high gloss wood finish is stripping any prior stain, and sanding the wooden object.  For the best results, be sure to sand in the same direction of the woods grain.

Assuming open grained wood is being used, the next step is applying a wood filler to fill in the grain.  Depending on the desired color of the stain, and the color of the filler, it may be a good idea to darken the filler by mixing in some of the stain.  Using the filler is not necessary for closed grain wood objects.  Open grain woods include oak, rosewood and mahogany.  Most other common woods are closed grains.

It is best to work the filler in small section one at a time.  As the filler dries, it becomes much harder to work.  After the filler has dried, carefully sand the table again.  Then with a tack cloth, prepare the wood for applying the finish by removing all remaining debris.

Once the table has been cleared of all debris, it is time to apply the first coat of wood finisher.  You should follow the direction on the finisher, but should expect to apply two or three coats on the first day.

After waiting two or more days (depending on products instructions) for the finisher to dry, you will need to sand the object again.  This time, you will need to use wet / dry sandpaper and will need water and a few drops of soap.  Sand carefully and be sure not to sand through the finisher.  After sanding the object, clean the object and apply another two or three coats of wood finisher.

After applying the last two or three coast of wood finisher, it is time to buff the table to give it the high gloss shine and appeal.  To do this, you will need to buff the table with a buffing pad, a rubbing compound, and a soft cloth.  After buffing the table, apply a paste wax to finish off the project.  Once the wax has dried, the object can be used.


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